A ‘By ‘eck but it’s Just Amazing’ Witter!

Not so long ago, Civic Pride Rossendale had a Thursday morning session and a few Lone Ranger litter pickers out doing their own thing when they had the time. Oh and a session on the first Sunday of the month.

Now we have Balsam Bashing, Tricketts Memorial Ground and Crawshawbooth Jubliee Gardens on a Monday morning*, Hill Street playground, Crawshawbooth on Monday and Tuesday evenings*, Mytholme Play Area, Waterfoot on a Wednesday morning and the Wednesday evening and Thursday morning sessions in various locations across Rawtenstall. Not forgetting the first Sunday morning of the month. Add to that the Secret Gardeners and Lone Rangers out there in all weathers and the strangest of times. It’s even rumoured that someone goes out balsam bashing before I raise my sleepy head from the pillow. I get up at 7am for goodness sake!
*Crawshawbooth from 2nd September

Phew! No wonder that we’re adopting ‘Volunteers Transforming Rossendale’ as a new slogan. For rugby fans you’ll see it on the pitch above Marl Pits when the new season starts.

Thank you to those regular contributors to QT who’ve agreed to us combining the old Litter and Gardeners into one new Volunteers site. If you’ve been using the Gardeners site you need do nothing, if you’re a ltter picker please save this link. If you’re asked for a password use RBC. If you’ve not used QT before, please tell us what you’ve been up to!

Talking of litter (and fly tipping), have you seen this on the BBC News? Now that’s what I call a result!

Before we get into forthcoming events, an erratum from last weeks Wittering, it was Roger R who bravely manned the Fire station stall not Roger G! Well done Mr Roundell.

Over the last few weeks and months we’ve been fortunate in having several new recruits and so I want to stress that no matter how long you’ve been involved or what you do for CP you are cordially invited to join in any of our events, particularly Tuesday 27th.

Wednesday 14th August
10.00am Mytholme Play Area to return the gardens to what they were 12 months ago when they were first created.

The evening session in Rawtenstall is cancelled this week due to holidays

Thursday 15th August
10.00am Haslingden Road Gardens (outside St Mary’s Chambers). Auntie Lynn is leading this while Anne has a well deserved break. Don’t forget your mug for a drink of Lynn’s excellent tea or coffee.

Friday 16th August
8.00 pm. Upstairs at Hop, Bank Street, Rawtenstall for beer, banter and badinage.

Monday 19th August
10.00am Balsam Bashing in Rawtenstall cemetery. If you’re not sure exactly where we are call me on 07798 582225

10.00am Trickett’s Memorial Gardens, Burnley Road East for more tlc to this stunning project

Tuesday 27th August
7.00pm Rawtenstall Cricket Club (Kay Street car park entrance). Free buffet and pay as you go bar. A chance to meet old friends, make new ones and help us celebrate the incredible gardens that were spruced up for the RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood competition. We’ll be running a slideshow (hopefully!) of before and after photos to remind us just what Rawtenstall used to look like before our wonderful volunteers transformed it. We won’t have the IYN results until the September Award ceremony in Southport (details later) but the comments from the judges were truly heartwarming!

That would have been the end but this afternoon I received a text from Blom who is touring Eastern England. They’d just passed the English village of Wittering! No comment.

Me again next week I’m afraid.