Easter Witter

Good Evening CP Crew
I’ve got just 28 mins to get this done and sent if it’s going to be done on Easter Monday and be apposite to the title ……
Well done to the Bacup crew clearing litter from the route of Easter Saturday’s Coconutter Tradition (if you’ve never seen it, book Easter Saturday 2018 NOW!). More Well Done comments ensue …… but now ……. WOT’S ON?
TUES 18TH APRIL MEET 6PM MARKET ST BACUP (opposite Mario’s) for dogwood-trimming session. Bring loppers/secateurs if you have any please.
WEDS 19TH APRIL 10AM BACUP PRIDE WEDS SESSION CONTINUES …. meet at site of Irwell St Baptist Church, near to Owd Con Club for next stage of this mega-project
THURS 20TH APRIL MEET 9.40 AT STORE OR 10AM AT RIVERSIDE WALK (on Bury Rd opposite railway station) for standard-delivery (that is, utterly marvellous) Civic Pride tlc …. litter n gardens, ok?
FRIDAY 21ST BUFFER STOPS 8PM onwards for erudition n ale.
MORE well done’s!
(1) Alfie-Ley Fellows wanted to do something for others during his Easter hol so he & grandad Paul cleared the awful footpath from Fallbarn play area down to Bocholt Way. Alfie’s not quite 9, by the way. That’s the way we were told it!
(2) Hassy Rd Garden – last week ………. how could I have missed Julie P, one of our pair of Secret Gardeners doing sections of the HRG? Further proof of your correspondent losing the plot, wouldja say?
(3) New guys Phil and Charlotte who turned up to last Thursday’s session and, surprisingly, enjoyed it. Insanity is clearly contagious. Welcome, both!
Corrections …… we don’t ordinarily do corrections as it’s a tacit admission we’ve got something wrong (whaaaat?) but – Stormin’ Norman’s W’well Bottom (WWB) major session is 20th May 10am til midday (NOT 26th as in last week’s Witter). Bacon butties and accompanying comestibles will be your reward when you turn up. Ey-oop lads n lasses!
Other stuff :
(a) Got a minute? Dead-head daffodils please! Any which are clearly past their best need flowerheads tekkin’ off so the bulb stores up energy for next year. Take a pair of scissors wherever you go (you won’t be arrested for it ….. probably)
(b) Clog Market on 27th May. Organisers offered Civic Pride a free slot to publicise the CP what-we-do and hopefully get a new recruit or two. Needs gazebo and volunteer(s) with our publicity boards and cards to give out. It’s 10am ’til 3pm. Can you do a slot? Email us at info@civic-pride.org.uk or ring us please 07955 110199 Thanx!
(c) Find us a grotspot please! Our CP Lone Rangers and mass litterpicks have all but eliminated the serious grotspots but if you know one which is on public land or street in need of attacking by one of our big sessions, please let us know. Contact details as above [can’t normally do commercially/privately-owned areas but will consider it]
(d) Please check your CP contact details ….. NB our email address as in (b) above. The civic.pride.rossendale@gmail.com is increasingly redundant : the realm, mostly, of advertisers and junk mail.

Ooops! I’ve missed the midnight deadline ….. your correspondent is about to turn into a pumpkin