An Easter Monday Witter

The venerable Blom is doing his bit for Anglo-Sino relations this week (help!) so it’s left to me to fill your inbox with inane blathering, a task which he performs so much better than I (well he has to be good at something, doesn’t he)!

Much mention was made last week of the sterling work done by our willing volunteers in clearing Rossendale of that modern curse, litter. Congratulations to all concerned but since then our incredible Lone Rangers have collected another 68 bags (yes, SIXTY EIGHT bags)! Amazing. Sadly, one LR has since booked himself into rehab to try to control his litter picking addiction! I really hope it doesn’t work Keith!

A couple of weeks ago we met with the Communities Director of RBC, predominantly to discuss fly tipping. We were assured that they would clear all 19 outstanding incidents that we had reported with a deadline of Tuesday 27th March. Did they achieve it? You bet and shedloads more. Out of a known 120 locations they cleared 93 on Monday 24th! A remarkable result. Well done to all RBC staff who were employed in this mammoth task.

…and now for the week ahead. There’ll be rain, rain and more rain. However, this is Rossendale and it doesn’t normally stop us, so Carry on Volunteering (Ooh, Matron!) and console yourself with another piece of chocolate egg (that’ll stop you feeling so virtuous)!

Thursday 5th April. Meet PamO at 10am at the Metal Tree Bed (corner of Bocholt Way and Bury Road) and work off some of the aforementioned chocolate. Everything supplied (including a brew) so just turn up!

Friday 5th April. 8pm for light hearted banter and beer but ring me on 07798 582225 if you can’t find us, we may be hiding in a corner somewhere.

Sunday 8th April. 7.30pm. ‘Breaking the Code’. A play about Alan Turin and the team who broke the code of the German Enigma machine at Bletchley Park. Profits will be donated to Civic Pride. Tickets £9.00 each from Anne Dixon 01706 551123 or Millennium Theatre, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot. More raffle prizes will be welcome but most of all we need YOU there in the audience. Never been to one of their performances? Well now’s ya chance so get ’em tickets bought (the theatre has a roof so it’ll be warm and dry)…and there’s a bar! We need more bums on seats!

See you Sunday if not before. Drinks are on Chris (well they would be if he was there)!

One final word. Fitzpatricks are now sponsoring us again on a monthly basis (thank you Shaun) and I promised to remind all our lovely volunteers that there’s a free drink (remember they’re a Temperance Bar!) for any CP volunteer when they’re working. Served no doubt by the lovely Ashleigh.

Roger G