Dontcha just LURV technology Witter??

Hi Guys
The Tekky Gods were being obstructive today. Non-co-operative. So there’s bin a reet battle with ’em to make sure you get your weekly dose of Wittering. Should we have bothered? (don’t answer that ….)

• Tuesday 30th 9.30am Weir Pride Doals Centre
• Thursday 1st Feb Civic Pride crew back to the Riverside Walk. Meet 10am.
• Friday 8pm onwards. Buffer Stop. A stimulating bunch there last week. Don’t count on THAT happening again.
• Sunday 4th Feb – Civic Pride WILL be out for our first-Sunday-of-the-month session, 9.30am at the store, 10am somewhere else. We’re assessing priorities – will let you know the location of “somewhere else” asap!
Other stuff :
• Rossendale Heritage Listing Project : if there’s a Rossendale architectural gem you feel deserves special treatment/merit please email The website is
• Northern Whisper – bless ’em! They’re donating a proportion of their cask ale sales, each and every Thursday throughout 2018 to Civic Pride. Wonderful people. Get in there on Thursdays folks – excellent beer AND doing yer CP some good! Thanks Hazel, our Sponsorship Queen!
• Haslingden & Bacup guys ….. not heard owt from them …. but they will be out this week so check their F’book pages for info.
Last bit ….. Lone Rangers : we’re getting some good postings on our QT site letting us all know where you’ve litterpicked. Could you all remember to do that please? Go on, share the virtuous community spirit ….

Cheers, folks!

Chris PS Supplementary Witterings re next Sunday (4th Feb) will be with you shortly …. oooh the anticipation ……
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