Croeso i Witterings

Why I hear you ask, is the title in Welsh?
Whether it’s the correct grammar I have no idea but that doesn’t seem to worry the regular editor of this load of old tosh so why should it worry me? Yes, but why is it in Welsh? Because dear reader, our revered chair is currently in Welsh Wales (maybe he’s being reupholstered – chair – get it?

Accolades this week in no particular order:
• T’ oardings have gone from below Hollymount House on St Mary’s Way. Thank you RBC for reacting to a H&S issue raised by a member of the public
• At a meeting last week with senior RBC managers we were told that there are currently 25 outstanding fly tipping incidents which will have been cleared by last Friday. They really seem to be getting on top of this menace so please report incidents to
• Fantastic support from McD in providing the troops with elevenses during Auntie Lynn’s absence last Thursday. Thanks guys but we may be calling on you again this week please!
Now for this week:
Monday 20th 9.30 am Trickett’s Memorial Ground . Liz, Charlotte and Elisabeth (with an ‘s’!) need help in their ongoing quest to return the gardens to their former glory.
Wednesday 22nd 9.30am to 11.30am Doal Centre Weir Pride. Knit & Natter
Thursday 23rd 10.00am Haslingden Road Gardens. I understand Pamela will be running it but Auntie Lynn may not be there (see above)
Friday 24th 8.00pm Buffers for some pleasant relaxing chat over a pint of foaming ale
Saturday 25th 10am Doal Centre, Weir Pride monthly meeting
Sunday 26th 10am to 12noon Stacksteads Country Park Group. Meet main car park for ‘a tidy up’.
Sunday 26th 2pm to 9pm Fun, frolics and free music for the whole family at the Firepit, Rawtenstall. What’s more it’s in aid of CPR! We’ve got our own table but we need volunteers to come down and support it (the event, not the table!). Bring the family even if it’s only for half an hour but do come and be part of it. Find us in the cocktail bar (posh huh, good job Blom’s away!). Come ta think of it, why not visit the restaurant fo’ yus tea?
Haslingden CP aren’t sure what or when as yet but they’ll be doing something! Visit Facebook for details.

Having just listed the ‘goings on’ in the different groups in just one week, it brings it home just why the valley is looking so much better. It’s marvellous that so many people are prepared to help but let’s not forget the organisers! Well done everyone!

Roger G
ps it seems to be obligatory to have at least one ps so here it is!
pps I’ll be doing it again next week so prime your spam filters!