Civic Pride’s Witterings Are Remembering Remembrance …..

Good Evening Volunteers,

To start on an unusually restrained note …… if (?) you read last week’s Witterings you’ll know Civic Pride Rossendale attended three of the local Remembrance Sunday/Armistice Day events yesterday, 11/11/2018. Wonderful occasions attended by big crowds of local folk. The ambience was appreciably enhanced by beautifully-tended gardens and clean litter-free streets, the direct result of real hard work from CP’s volunteers right up to the start of each event. We received a lot of appreciation from many many members of the community for this, which I’m now most gladly passing on to you all. You did it, not me. Thank you.

After that, we’re keeping the organised sessions to a minimum this week :
Weds 14 Nov 10am Bacup Pride meet at the cabin, behind Forget-Me-Not florists
Thurs 15th Civic Pride Thursday Crew 10am on the Embankment opposite Asda – sweeping, trimming, weeding, a big litterpick amongst the trees above the embankment ; and if we’ve time, back to the Town Square for a final leaf-sweep.
Fri 16th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops Your correspondent was Billy No Mates there last week. Lashing rain coming horizontally along Bury Rd kept all but the daftest at home. A pity, really – there was a cosy fire, flowers, decorations, cushions – yup, really! This week? – I’m elsewhere but some folk’ll turn up!
Sun 18th 2pm – 4pm Weir Pride Christmas Craft Fair, Doals Centre, Weir.

Other dates f’r thi diary :

Sun 9th December 1.30 onwards : Sue ‘n’ Pete are having a Civic Pride Christmas Gluhwein ‘n’ Mince Pies “Do” at their house, 26 Hurst Platt, Waingate Rd Rawtenstall.
Fri 21st December 7.30pm Civic Pride Christmas Dinner at The Whitaker. Email
Tues 12th Feb (yeah, really!) 6.30pm Civic Pride AGM Venue Rawtenstall Cricket Club. We really need your participation!

Other Vital Bitz …. (c’mon. isn’t ALL of this vital??)
OVB (1) Asda/Tesco Tokens – PLEASE NOTE, it’s ASDA currently running a token voting scheme. Please collect green tokens whenever you shop there and pop ’em into our slot at the voting station. Details as last week. It’s worth vital £££ to us!!
N.B. THERE ISN’T any current voting involving Civic Pride at Tesco Rawtenstall OR Tesco Haslingden.
OVB (2) Did you watch the TV prog celebrating HRH’s 70th birthday last week? I didn’t see it but it had lots of attention for his litterpicking mania and concern for plastic waste YEARS before the latter hit the headlines. Good on ‘im!
OVB (3) Fly-tipping?? You CAN report it to Rossie Council yourself but – we’ve a hotline to them which is definitely working at the moment, so report fly-tipping to us. Email with a copy to
OVB(4) A rather splendid Civic Pride newsletter from Publicity Grimshaw last week. If it’s not crashed into your inbox, please let him know. Email It’s got some really good stuff in it (and that bit of flattery’ll cost him beer later this week ….)
OVB (5) Oooh you lucky lucky reader – just go to our website’s homepage Why? They’re on there – the newsletter AND these amazing Weekly Witterings. Getcha literary fix every morning before breakfast – it’ll set you up for the day!!

That, lovely people, is it.

Until next week …….. keeeep gardening and keeeep picking!