Civic Pride’s Witterin’ On (again ….)

Yo-Ho to our Civic Pride Audience (just who confesses to being in that*??)

Starter Stuff :-
1. Secret Gardeners! Anne Dixon, Gardens Supremo, has been in touch with y’all so this is repeat info about entering the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) “It’s Your Neighbourhood” Award scheme. How about RHS acclamation and their knowledgeable appreciation of the fab work you do? Please complete the entry form which Anne sent you a few days ago. If you can’t find said form please contact her at and/or at NB the deadline for entries is right on us so, if you haven’t yet, perleeze let her know where you’re up to. Ta!
2. Work towards our change of charitable status doth continue : we’re now at the stage of checking info to send to the Charity Commissioners, after which, it’ll go for their scrutiny. That takes several weeks. Special thanks to Roger for plodding through all the work that’s involved. Their systems aren’t user-friendly!
3. U like local history?? A “Story of Coal” exhibition at Bacup Natural History Museum next Saturday morning. Whilst there, admire Bacup Pride’s brilliant “Wall of History” garden just a few yards up the road.
4. The soon-to-be-opened Jack’s supermarket (on the former Tesco Rawtenstall site) have been in touch with us even before they’ve opened, wanting to give us money. Our fame (notoriety??) spreads ….
5. Spring Cleans – McDonald’s have let us know they’re organising a Big Spring Clean LitterPick on 2nd April, 10am ’til midday. We hope to join them (bound to be free coffee ‘n’ comestibles afterwards??).This is additional to their regular road and pavement clear-ups around their premises.
6. Trickett’s Memorial Ground (TMG). The crew there have a grant to resurface TMG’s crumbling tarmac paths. Do you know of someone who could do the work? Please contact Liz Hoskins at with info. Thanks!
Coming Up ….

Thursday 14th 10am Civic Pride Rossendale’s Thursday Crew on the inbound layby of the bypass, next to McD’s. Too wet for gardening last week so LOADS to catch up on. Last week’s crew did a wonderful litterpick instead – vast amounts of stuff collected, shifted and then – – hugely admired on Facebook! [P.S. Dave L, where are you??]
Friday 15th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops (then possibly on to Casked??). Elegant discourse on all manner of – um – friendly nonsense!
Monday 18th 9.30am TMG gang (see (6) above) are out ….. out gardening, that is. Join this remarkable group for fun ‘n’ exercise.
Wednesday are now Mondays – for Bacup Pride’s gardening sessions. Meet at their Market Lockup, 10am, for what’s currently a fortnightly bash, next one 25th March.

You think that’s all? Sorry, it ain’t. First – re * above – would you confess to being a Witterings fan?? Second – this is the perfect time of year for litter-clearing : new spring growth’s not really got going, so all the old rubbish is starkly revealed in all its ghastliness. People – please go and pick, even if just for a half hour. Support from Roger R at if need be.