This …… is your Civic Pride Weekly Wittering (sound of trumpet fanfare in background).

Hi Volunteer Troops

Permit the Waxing Lyrical for a mo ….. I woke up with the dawn (literally) on Mothering Sunday ; the sky was pink then cerise then gold and so were the hills. The owd place (Rossendale, that is….) looked stunningly beautiful. It reminded me why we all get involved in this Civic Pride malarky. That’s the end of the brief but inspirational Wordsworthian muse : now back to the usual rubbish ……(some events from 4 of our Pride gangs)

TUESDAY 28TH Weir Pride are out again. Meet 1.30 at 8 Heald Lane. Don’t ask questions, JDI, ok??
TUES 28TH Bacup Pride 6pm litter-pick session meet Springfield Ave 6pm. Contact is Pat Smith 07751380392. She’ll get the beer in afterwards …..
WEDS 29TH Bacup Pride 10am big project Irwell Terrace Baptist Church (site of). Brews provided!
WEDS 29TH Civic Pride’ve stopped …our long-standing tradition of Weds evening sessions during the longer light evenings. The response last year was diminishing and we’re now working differently. BUT we’ll still have the occasional shout for some Weds evenings ; and if you’d like them reinstating as a regular feature let me know ( or 07877211314)
WEDS 29TH 7.30PM reminder to all Civic Pride Secret Gardeners to meet at Big Boss Pam’s place. She’ll sort us all out. And provide nice cakes, we hear …..Want to hear about/join in with Secret Gardeners? Email Pam. ( It’s a really positive exciting feature of our volunteering and it’s starting to take off!
THURS 30TH (THE BIG ONE!) meet at Civic Pride store 9.40am or Town Square Rawtenstall 10.00am. Join the cast of thousands of crazy lovely friendly sociable volunteers for a spot of gardening tlc. Expertise not needed.
FRIDAY 31ST Civic Pride Haslingden meet 10am Hassy Tesco top car park for a local litterpick.
FRIDAY 8PM BUFFER STOPS to celebrate – well – us, really. Get the latest gossip over a glass of something.
SATURDAY 1ST APRIL 10am join Bacup Pride for a bit of the inevitable April Fool stuff ; and also for their 1st-Sat-Of-The-Month effort at the Wall Of History Garden at the Bacup end of Todmorden Rd.
SUNDAY 2ND APRIL Civic Pride meet 9.40 at the store or 10am on the embankment opposite Asda on St Mary’s Way. To Do List : finish the rockery (urgent need for some strong lads for this please!) and also tying up some of the daffs, weeding and the inevitable litterpick. PLEASE NOTE HASSY GANG – latest info is that Kathy’s not organising a litterpick this Sunday so if you’ve nothing arranged, come join your soul brothers and sisters in Rawtenstall. Luv t’see ya!

Additional Witterings are thus :-
1. Sorry to have omitted the “Clocks-Go-Foward” stuff in last week’s Witter. Who forgot about it then??
2. We got an appreciative message from our MP this week. Thanks Jake!
3. The Metal Tree Bed had its wall re-arranged by virtue of some eccentric driving at approx midnight last Saturday. We are after the culprit. At the moment of impact the vehicle was doing around 25mph. On its roof. That is, upside down. Hmmm.
4. Great work from Grimmers and Wilkie getting the Charity Commissioners sorted. Annual report, accounts, etc. (Life used to be so simple when we’d no money and just a half dozen of us pickin’ litter). Thank you both. Serious comment (we do make ’em) – your CP absolutely could not now function without our backroom organisers – 4 Officers plus Pam Ben Jackie Hazel Barry Sue Sue Liz/Ian Josie/Eddie
5. Whitewell Bottom crew are de-balsaming a part of their territory. Help needed. More info from Norman ( (that’s Himalayan Balsam – is that what you were thinking, mayhap?)
6. Newchurch crew – how are you doing??
If you’re daft enough to want your Pride sessions (that’s Civic Pride and all – yes all – other Priders’ events) putting in The Witters for everyone to see, just let me know before Monday evening. Luv to hear from you.
Now the nights are opening out & the sap’s rising, it’s the PERFECT time to clear that garden or start a Pride project or shift that long-term litter before this year’s weeds cover it up. Y’know you want to!


Chris PS 7.20am today, a lovely phone call from member of the public to tell us her journey-to-work-soul was uplifted by our thousands of gorgeous daffs on St Mary’s Way (remember planting those in the mud last year?? Oh yeah!)