The-C-word-is-now-permitted T’Witter

Hi wanna-be Santas

Did we? Yup! Lovely volunteers steppin’ forward to dec the – well, not quite the halls – but t’ Civic Pride shop – with boughs of holly. Thanks Suzy, Lynn and Anne plus Jan for some of the decs items. Go ‘n’ marvel at the creativity!

THIS THURS 15TH MEET 9.40 STORE OR 10.00 ON TOWN SQUARE – garden renovating, repairs to boxes, new plants to go in – we never stop! Tesco, can you please let me know if you’re arriving? We’re very conscious it’s a bit busy at this time of year for you! (ring me on 07877211314 – thanks!)

THIS THURS 15TH 7PM (EAT AT 7.45PM) CIVIC PRIDE CHRISTMAS BANQUET AT T’WHITAKER. Misbehaviour guaranteed. Oh – and a free raffle – dontcha just wish you’d bought a ticket, now??

FRIDAY 16TH BUFFER STOPS 8PM for all those poor folk who didn’t get to last night’s “Do” ! And hair of the dog for those who did.

MISCELLANY (1) LONE STARS – slowly slowly getting recruits but we still need lots more. I’m not goin’ to bore y’all again with what a Lone Star is …. it’s featured rather a lot recently. However, we’re trying to think of a more – um – creative name for ’em.

MISCELLANY (2) NEW HI-VIZ – we’ve got a brand new batch of hi-viz (what’s the plural? – hi-vizzies??). Two new things – (1) “Volunteer” printed on it so t’public stop thinkin’ Civic Pride folk are doing community payback work ; and (2) they’ve got the name of our amazingly generous principal sponsor, Fitzpatricks, on there. Please wash your old one, return it to Roger and get a new one. We can get the old ones over-printed so we won’t waste ’em.

MISCELLANY (3) SUE SHUTTLEWORTH – on wow! Our dynamic litterpicker has just completed a trans-Australasia cycle journey (ie cycled rite across Aus AND N. Zealand) to add to the full length of S. America and – and – Africa done in recent months. Total distance 35,000 km, 300,000 metres of ascent. She’s due back home any time, when she’ll resume litterpicking – Sue, that’ll be the bypass, the A56, the M66 and M60 ; then, after lunch, it’ll be …..

And now – a week of Nativity Plays. Luvvem!


Chris PS thanks again to Jackie for doing a brill job on C Pride’s Facebook and Twitter. Do get online and look. today’s Twitter included a short list of the most disgusting things found by our Lone Rangers …. I won’t tell you here – go check it – Yurrrchh! PPS that’s Twitter – ok? As opposed to T’Witter. Hope that’s crystal. 😁