Bitter Witter

Hi Shivering Team

Ok that’s quite enough. The snow-n-ice stuff looks very pretty but enough is enough. It looks so jolly on those weird Christmas card piks but – well – really. …… BUT …. will it put Your Crazy Civic Pride doing stuff this week?? Answer below :

Weds 13th Dec – Bacup Pride’s usual morning session but – you’ll need to go to their F’b page to find out what’s happening ; or
Weds 13th – just to let you know : our unsung Outreach Team are out again – this time at Alder Grange. No fuss, no fanfares, Barry & Sue JDI bless ’em. Thanks guys!

Thurs 14th Dec Your ever-lovely Civic Pride Rossendale crew are out. Foul weather? No prob! Meet 9.30 (that’s half past nine ….now why is that timing repeated this week?? Hmm!) at the store or 10am at the inbound layby on the bypass. 400 daff bulbs to plant and we need some inspired idea for what to do with a coupla hundred crocus….. so bring thi brain cell as well as thi trowel please!
Thurs 14th Dec It’s THE social event of the year : the Civic Pride Christmas Nosh, 7pm at The Whitaker. Sorry if you’ve not booked in – applications now closed! Attendees : posh frocks, crisp shirts and polished wellies please. Mike’s buying the beer.

Friday 15th Dec An inquest of last night’s serial goings-on. If y’missed said goings-on, we’ll let you in on the secrets. And possibly the photos. 8pm onwards, Buffer Stops.

Addenda :

A1 – did y’see Blue Planet 2 last night (Sunday 10th) then? A small part of it was David Attenborough’s gentle description of how we’re choking our seas and oceans. With litter. Watch it if you can.
A2 – thanks as ever to our glorious Twitter gal (Jackie) – this, from B & E Boys : We’d like to thank @CivicPrideRoss for the work they do for the local community in Rossendale. As one review says “they’re a hard-working team who give up their spare time to create magic around the valley. We need to be more grateful to them”
Lovely comments, fellahs : thank you.
A3 – have you seen our oh-wow winter-planted barrier baskets which’ve gone in this week? Go look if you haven’t – we’ve installed a record number. Rather justifies R’stall’s new description as The Floral Town dontcha think??. On this occasion, thanks to the fellahs from Zenon for doing them for us at cost. They’ll still cost us over £4,000 in 2018 though. Ooops! Anyone got a rich relative??

Talking of rich relatives ….. ok back to the Christmas shopping.