It’s beginnin’ to look a lot like a Christmas T’Witter, folks!

G’day to all Santa’s special litterpickin ‘n’ garden-tendin’ elves

I hope you’ve all received CP’s latest Newsletter. It’s not a load of end-of-year tripe, surprisingly, so please DO read it cos it’s full of essential CP background info and updates. To repeat a couple of items : (1) thanks to organiser Grimmers and hosts Whitaker for a memorable CP Christmas Nosh – complete with a free raffle! (2) See 2nd Jan (below) (3) we now have a Twitter Ace – that’s Jackie, doing amazing stuff on that medium : NB that’s Twitter, as opposed to T’Witter which is the ol’ baloney you’re currently reading. (4) RHS judge’s reports on our Britain in Bloom/It’s Your Neighbourhood entries are with the newsletter.

THURS 22ND DECEMBER MEET STORE 9.40AM OR EMBANKMENT (opposite Asda) 10AM for weeding, de-leafing, dead-heading, and getting unwanteds off the central reservation. Only a 10% chance of rain, sez the weatherman, so hope to see you. Go on, give y’self a break from Christmas preps!

SUNDAY 25TH. (WHAAAT??) – WE HAVE A COUPLE-OR-THREE VOLUNTEERS who say they’ll be starting their Christmas Day by doing an early litter-clear. Lord luvvem!

MONDAY 26TH BOXING DAY MEET 11AM AT THE STORE – we’re starting the move to the new store by taking down some of our existing shelving and putting it up in the new place. Power drills and screwy bits will be very very useful! Plus vehicles. Shelter from the predicted Boxing Day rain and enjoy good virtuous post-excessive-consumption-type-exercise!


MON 2ND JANUARY 2017 MEET JAMES ST CAR PARK – big litter-clear along Bacup Rd and some of the side streets. Y’know you’ll love it – start the New Year with that virtuous (again!) feeling ….

AND – as per newsletter – loadsa chances to get out on your own, adorned by our brand new super hi-viz, doing a bit in your own time or with a friend or two.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!! 🌲🎅💤 (noises, off, akin to a Slade classic 🎶)

Chris PS and if the weekly arrival of this ol’ tosh aka Weekly Witterings is irritating you, let us know and we’ll delete you from further pain …