Bank Hol Witter

Hi Happy Priders

Wandering round Rossendale today. I’m absolutely knocked out by the amount of CP stuff in evidence this Bank Hol Mon, even tho’ Civic Pride’ve got no events organised today. It’s just CP individuals gettin’ out there : gardeners, litterpickers, tidy-uppers, maintenance guys ‘n’ gals ….. Wotta truly amazing social movement we’re creating. Now – please – just keep it going, brothers ‘n’ sisters!! Never ever ever give up on it. Ever. Here endeth today’s sermon ………….

Ok, roll up thi sleeves for :

WEDS 30TH Bacup Pride – no direct info for this week but it’s bound to be happening. Bacupians, contact ’em via the Bacup Pride Facebook page for info.
THURS 31ST MEET 9.30am at CP Store or 10am on the Town Square for another round of tlc applied to one of our very hi-profile garden areas. AND – thanks to Aunty Lynn for providing the delish birthday cake last week to celebrate David P’s 80th – yup, into his 9th decade and still one of our amazin’ stalwarts!
FRIDAY 1ST SEPT 8pm onwards Buffer Stops – last week’s session was just so – um – intellectual. Do come and sample!
SUNDAY 3RD 10AM inbound-to-R’stall layby on the bypass (near McD’s) to give the gardens there some of our expertise, AND hit the brambles covering the aboretum and AND do some late himalayan balsam-bashing ….. have you noticed the invasive pink stuff’s getting everywhere. Help us to stem the tide!
SUN 3RD 11AM onwards Hassy Street Fair – there’ll be a CP Hassy presence somewhere!
MON 4TH CP Haslingden meet 9.30am by Library for planting and the inevitable litterpick

This week’s Witter is dedicated particularly to Leanne who contacted us with withdrawal symptoms : she’s had no Witterings since June. How HAS she existed?? Now duly cured we hope, chuck!

Chris PS Thank you Pam for being CP’s Witter correspondent on 7th & 14th Aug. Surely y’all noticed the improvement??