Back to the Real Wittering

Hello Campers

Delete now. Y’can’t seriously want to read this stuff?? But – DO read the “and also” stuff at the end.
S’pose we’d best broadcast grovelling thanx to our Vice Chair for his individualistic style of Witterings (mis-spellings an’ all ..) which kept you on the edge of yo’ seats for the past fortnight. More on that subject later.

For now, the back-down-to-the-usual standard of inane Witterings beg to inform you that :-

Weds 18th April 9.30am The Weir Pride crew do their thing at the Doals Centre – a remarkably successful knitting circle, we hear, attracting regional media attention. Yup, really! Nice one folks!

Weds 18th April 10am Bacup Pride go-go-go with more town beautifying. Meet at the lockup behind the market. More info on

Thurs 19th 10am Civic Pride Rossendale meet on The Gyro (see * below) opposite R’stall Library. Yet another amazin’ project to beautify our town is in process. DO come and help. No gardening expertise needed. Friendliest of welcomes and Aunty Lynn’s coffee guaranteed. PS bring your own mug!!

Fri 20th 8pm gather at Buffer Stops for the hottest nite out in Rawtenstall. New to Civic Pride or, indeed, to any of the “Pride” gangs? Come meet the crew! (well, the naughty ones anyway)

Sun 22rd 10am The Hassy crew are bound to be out with another mass litterpick. No info about where they are next Sunday but – go to Facebook page Haslingden Civic Pride for info. BUT BUT BUT massive congrats to HCP for a startling result at Rising Bridge last Sunday. 35 bags of litter shifted from that appalling roundabout.

Mon 23rd 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground (Burnley Rd East, Waterfoot) for the ongoing renovation. The small team there’d love your support ‘n’ help.

1. The Sunday 8th April performance of Rossendale Players’ week-long run was for C.P and raised £650 for us. I was genuinely amazed by the news, a marvellous result. Huge thanks to Anne Dixon for organising.
2. Get this bit everyone!! Yvonne’s donated 2000 pots of bulbs for distribution to Pride crews and associates. Weir? Bacup? Hassy? Edenfield? Edgeside? ANY of our Secret Gardeners? Your school/church/anyone with a spot of interest??They’ve mostly finished flowering but need popping into soil NOW to give them regeneration time for next Spring’s displays. All totally f.o.c., no £££ involved, as many as you want. Email us ( They’re in our plant store – just email us to collect. Go on, get popping.
3. Mr Grimshaw has turned. It’s official. Yup, really. Our let’s-tarmac-over-the-whole-town bloke spent today tenderly transporting PLANTS and waxing lyrical about ’em. AND then bought me lunch. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
4. This is the * item, ok? The Gyro? As first conceived, that vast roundabout in R’stall was labelled The Gyratory. It was the traffic which was going to gyrate, luvvies, so calm down. So, rather than type “the big roundabout with the fire station on it” we simply put “The Gyro”. Hey, brevity is us. Yes we KNOW the traffic no longer gyrates. It does a very slow excuse-me-slow-waltz. But – Gyro it is.
Luv y’all, ‘n’ see you out there during the week.