April Newsletter

Spring is bursting out all over, the daffodils are dancing, the litter’s on its way to landfill and the weeds are just waiting to be dug up and disposed of!

As you’ll know, we had an incredibly successful 3 day Great British Spring Clean. I’m not just talking about the 274 bags of litter that were collected across the borough, I’m also referring to our fabulous new volunteers.
Waterfoot centre (WC) has been a problem for a long time, the only real way to stay on top of it is with more volunteers. Lo and behold! In addition to the 6 new volunteers from Newchurch we’ve had 3 more from Cowpe (Jack, Jo and Julie) who’re already making a difference to the surrounding areas. Danny from Newchurch has taken it upon himself to clear the accumulated mud, grass and leaves from the Heys which is a task of heroic proportions but he’s making good progress and we’re trying to get LCC to clear the newly discovered drains!
Have you ever been asked why you do it? If so, this email from St Nicholas’ Church is a good answer:

Good morning
I have been asked by the members of the PCC at St. Nicholas Church, Newchurch, to thank you all for your sterling efforts in clearing up the areas around our church, earlier this month.
Throughout the year, we welcome many visitors to our grade 2 listed building and also many look around the graveyard so it is especially important that the surrounding area is well presented.
Please be assured that the work you do is much appreciated.
Kind regards
Christine Worrell

You may recall that Ben organised a mass litter pick a few weeks ago, which was attended by Norman and Elaine from Whitewell Bottom (WB). There’s a large expanse of banking as you enter WB heading North which is covered in masses of dead Himalayan Balsam (HB) and literally thousands and thousands of new HB seedlings. Determined to eradicate it, Norman has started enlisting local residents who are showing what a lovely community they are by offering to join in droves although a date has yet to be set for the first HB bashing session.

Moving on, (literally) I’m sorry to announce that our Litter Manager, Ben Parkin, will be out of action for about 12 months, his employers want him to attend training in London. However, he will be back – won’t you Ben? I’m sure you’ll all join me in thanking him for the great work he’s done for us already (and that that he’ll be doing on his return)! Hope it all goes well.

Have you driven through Haslingden recently? It’s looking so much better for the huge efforts our colleagues there have put into litter collection but this horticultural thing seems to be infectious – they’re now planning on moving into gardening, albeit in a small way to start with! Not only that, they’re looking at creating an autonomous group – Civic Pride Haslingden (CPH)! We’ll continue to give you all the support we can guys, we’ve even managed to pass on details from a few potential new volunteers.

We’ve created new sections under Local Groups for Newchurch and Whitewell Bottom but most of these sections could do with updating so if you’re involved, please send us new info and pictures.
Easter will soon be upon us and so our personal window dresser Suzy, has been hard at work in the shop windows. She’s done a lovely job but she called this :

‘Eggs and Chicks’

which is the worst yoke I’ve heard for a long time!