An “Ooops” Wittering!

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The heading of “Ooops” is due, possibly overdue ; not, we trust, on account of this week’s missive but because of last week’s which had a Silly Boy Error : to wit, that next Sunday’s Remembrance event at Trickett’s is the first for a generation. It ain’t. TMG hosts one every year. Multiple and humble apologies to everyone. More on this later. There was a positive on this, though : two people got in touch to point out the error which suggests that Your Witterings is in fact read by someone. Not many, but someone.

Before we rabbit on about dates, a pair of notices :

Notice Uno : HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Weir Pride and Bacup Pride for their multi-award-winning success at last week’s RHS Award Bash ; including an “Outstanding” for one of Bacup’s entries. Richly-deserved results, we say. Their 2019 efforts have already started in production. Marvellous!
Notice Duo : ASDA TOKENS! Thanks to Laura Saxton, we’ve been entered into the current round of Asda customer voting. Whenever you shop in Rawtenstall Asda please pick up a green token from the checkout point and pop it into the the Civic Pride slot of the voting station which is located against the wall facing the exit from the middle portion of the checkout line. It’s worth £££ to us so do please vote.

This week in brief (“Brief? Makes a change ….”) :
Weds 7th Nov 10am Bacup Pride meet at Market Cabin – not resting on their laurels, then, but right out there and at it!
Thurs 8th Nov 10am the Civic Pride Thursday Crew are on the Town Square for a final spit ‘n’ polish before next Sunday. Three excellent recent sessions, including a fine turnout yesterday (Sunday) have brought the place back to standard!
Friday 9th 8pm onwards Buffer Stops, to include badinage and viticultural hurlings (eh???). Thank you to Casked for being bold enough to host us last week. Reet good “do” !
Sunday 11th Bacup Pride 10am final cleanup before Remembrance Sunday events. Market Cabin, the meeting point?? Sorry, I’m not sure! Just go into the town centre if not sure, look for the BP hi-viz jackets.
Sunday 11th Civic Pride Rossendale are attending 3 separate Remembrance Day/Armistice Day events. 12.30pm at Trickett’s Memorial Ground ; 3pm in Rawtenstall Memorial Gardens (next to the library) ; 7pm at the Rawtenstall Cemetery Memorial (it’s 100 yards inside the cemetery gates). The 7pm one will include lighting of one of Rossendale’s beacons as our part in a national chain of them. Please note that
• these are start times for the Remembrance events so please arrive beforehand ;
• there are many more Remembrance/Armistice Day events happening across Rossendale. For a full list please see RBC’s website.
Everyone’s aware it’ll be precisely 100 years since the WW1 Armistice ; and that by wonderful co-incidence, Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday occur on the same day this year Very fitting.

Hope to see you.