An Equinoctal Witter

Good evening Volunteers

Re this week’s title : “equinoctal,” adjective, from the noun “equinox.” I think. Someone’ll tell me if I’m wrong. It’s what usually happens ……
Thanx to the various crews who litter-picked the bypass before the mowers went in during the week. A vast amount was picked. Please just keep on pickin’ everybod – you’re sooo needed! We had a nice letter from Jake – House of Commons notepaper, an’ all – thanking all you C.P. volunteers for doing what you do. Doing it day in, day out. Year in year out. Really.

Please read the footnote at the end of this week’s Witter. Just for a change, it might just be useful. Ta!

One or two events this week BUT – even if you can’t get along to any of ’em, the Big Boss’ll still expect you to don the hi-viz, grab the litterpicker or wave the trowel. Or both. Please keep CP going thru the Autumn!

WEDS 27TH – just to remind Civic Pride’s representatives, we’re at the official Queen’s Award presentation, meeting 2.30pm. Reps : polish your wellies and rinse the mud off the hi-viz – ok?? It’s posh.
THURS 28TH WE’RE GIVING A COUPLE OF OUR STAR SECRET GARDENERS A HAND SO – meet 9.30am at the store OR 10am at the Ashoka bed (that’s Janina’s – at junction of Bacup Rd & Bocholt Way) ; then 11am at the Embankment (c’mon, y’know where THAT is …… Helen’s little [??] patch!)
FRIDAY 29TH – social revolution! – we’re abandoning Buffer Stops. Just for the one week. We’ll be back.
SATURDAY 30TH 10am Weir Pride meet at Doal’s Centre (our Julie sez you don’t have to pick up litter ….. do we believe her?? Really?)
SAT 30TH EVENING – it’s the Civic Pride Dining Train experience. Aunty Jean’s organised it and she’ll let participants know times and meeting points. Choo-choo!
SUNDAY 1ST OCT – another postponement!! It’s 1st Sunday of the month – obviously – but we’re pretending it’s not. The Civic Pride 1st-Sunday-of-the-month event will happen next Sunday, 8th Oct. Confused, or what??

1. Put Oct 21st in your diary. It’s had a previous Wittering mention but – it’s our Rossendale opportunity to celebrate Civic Pride’s Queen’s Award, 11am to 3pm at Kay St Baptist in R’stall. It’s open to the public ; will be opened (we hope) by Ted Robbins and with definite “yesses” to invites given to the Friends of Bocholt, to our Mayor & Mayoress Cllr & Mrs Crawforth, to Alyson Barnes, Jake Berry, councillors (local and county) and several other volunteers organisations including other “Pride” groups. There’ll be static displays, suggestions for CP’s 2018 Plan, recruitment drives, possible consultation display for Phase 2 of the Town Square development. Oh, and a rather nice buffet! It’s a big deal for us so EVERYONE please call in at some point during the day and be ready to answer calls for help : folk needed for the day itself and also setting up on the previous afternoon (Friday 20th). Thank you to our organisers Roger, Pam, Hazel, Lynn, Liz, Charlotte and Jackie. And – if you know of a local voluntary organisation who’d like a presence during the day gettem to get in touch, but pronto ( email or phone 07955110199))
2. Just the one footnote this week. But it’s a big ‘un so do read it again, why not?
Here endeth the Equinoctal Witterings – organisers and Pride groups, please let me know if there’s anything for next week you want to stick in The Witterings….. a bomb in the author’s laptop isn’t what I was thinkin’ of duckie …….


PS Congrats to Edenfield Horticultural Society – an amazing show last Saturday, a remarkable standard of entries. Did I try to recruit some of ’em? Dead right!