An Equinoctal Witter

Equinoctal Witterings
Dear Fellow Eccentrics
Oh the joys of being a part of the Civic Pride Eccentrics …. well, don’t you just have to be slightly odd to do what we do??
Oh – and Equinoctal? Regretfully, this is to remind you that yesterday, 23rd Sept (at 02.54hrs, to be punctiliously exact) was the Autumn Equinox. So – Autumn’s officially here. Enjoy!

The week’s oddities ….
***Tues 25th, probably 9.30am onwards, the bypass mowing begins. Now, dear reader, if you’d like to clear the bypass of whatever’s been chucked down between Monday’s crew finishing (see below) and Tuesday’s mowing starting, then – we’d love you forever. XXX
***Weds 26th join the Bacup Crew – 10am at the lockup behind Bacup market. Or email for info which, unlike T’Witters, makes a bit of sense!
***Thurs 27th 10am Hassy Rd Gardens – oh please support your Thursday gang! Numbers of our regulars have given their excuses for this week, complete with absence notes from their mums and dads, so we’ll be few in number. New recruits are given the warmest of welcomes – just ask Elaine.
***Fri 28th 8pm Oh it’s Buffers, beer ‘n’ badinage. The “beer” thing’s not compulsory, by the way. We hope to go on to Casked afterwards. Just to emphasise the Autumnal thing, Buffers had the fire lit for us last week – and we had waiter service. Will it happen this week?
***Mon 1st Oct 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground. On-on-on!
***Tues 2nd Oct, time to be announced, RBC’s Development Control Committee decide the fate of our wannabe greenhouse. Venue Futures Park. And – all the RHS gardens are open all day, free of charge. Not to be missed, gardening fans.
Miscellany …..
(1) Sue and Barry, our Outreach Team, need help! They get youngsters involved in things Civic Pridian by working with Schools, uniformed organisations etc etc. Requests for their services exceed their available time, particularly on Monday nights. They’ve got a number of excellent programmes all ready to roll so no need to wonder what to do. Email if you could possibly help.
(2) Farewell Ian for a few months – bon voyage an’ all that. The big Q now is – in his absence, who’s going to volunteer to look after the gorgeous planting on St Mary’s Way central reservation? Email Gardening Guru Pam with offers
(3) Save your onion skins (this ain’t a wind-up!). Anne’s doing eco printing and dying using many strange media, of which these are one such. It’s the dry outer skin from any colour of onion. Deliver to her at the Thurs morning crew (see above). Ta!
(4) Trust for Conservation Volunteers – a national organisation, to which we’re affiliated, of groups doing what we do. Not quite as well as we do, naturally but … Anyhow, CP is featured in their latest newsletter. Ask Roger for the link – really interesting stuff!
(5) Thank you!! – to the crew who not only actually read last week’s Supplementary Witterings (how’s that for weird?) but did it … Roger G, Keith, Sue Shutt, Roger R – a massive bypass clear-up job before the mowers go in tmz. Marvellous (an’ thanks, McD’s, for supplying the coffee!).

That’s the lot for this week ….. oh, no it ain’t – just to continue the Autumnal theme, I had to scrape the ice from my car windscreen this morning. Yup, actual frost last night – it made a proper mess of me begonias ….