An AGM (Awful Grimshaw Mutterings) Witter

It appears that Blom has gone back to the 1950’s for a few days (those of you know Arnside and Silverdale will know exactly what I mean)! Unfortunately for his faithful readers it means that I can write this weeks garbage which could be a point better or worse, you must judge for yourselves.

Before I get to this weeks events I wanna tell you story, as Max Bygraves used to say. In our attic were four old dining chairs which are now for sale at Emmaus in Burnley. Other charities only wanted them if they had a table, Emmaus took them anyway. They raise money for homeless but seem to be little known but they really impressed me with their can do attitude. One to consider for future donations mayhaps?

Our Grants gnu guru Charlotte has just landed grants from Neighbourhood Forum, Live Well Live Better and Tesco Bags of Help! We now need you to shop at Tesco during March and April and put your little green tokens into the box marked Civic Pride! Everytime you shop there please! If they don’t offer the token, please ask for it! We’re after the £4000 grant rather than the £2000 or £1000 to regenerate the gardens opposite the ELR station.

Come and enjoy tha’ tea wi’ us tomorra (Tuesday 20th) for free, nowt, gratis. Rawtenstall Cricket Club, Bacup Road, Rawtenstall. While you’re there you can also join in the AGM!

Thursday 10am at Phipps Car Park (that’s the one behind Althams). I think that’s the best way of describing because the amount holidays we take I assume everybody knows where it is! Any road up, there’ll be plenty to do so bring waterproofs, warm clothing, sun tan lotion and shorts. You’ll probably need them all in the two hours you’ll be there!


ps please don’t eat all the pork pies at the AGM before I get to them!