A What’s On Witter

Evenin’ All

What a beautiful weekend! Sunburnt bits an’ pieces and, we hope, you all got soil under the finger-nails. Yes? Excellent! No? Shockin’ – here’s yo’ chance to correct that omission!

WEDS 12TH APRIL MEET 10AM next to Th’Owd Con Club in Bacup, on the site of the former Irwell Terrace Church : long-term ongoing battle to reclaim the area.
THURS 13TH APRIL MEET 9.40AM AT THE STORE or 10am at Haslingden Rd Gardens (in front of St Mary’s Chambers). Diana, one of our wonderful Secret Gardeners, has taken on part of it as her own domain (bless ‘er!) but there’s still a big area needing CP’s tlc.
FRIDAY 14TH 8PM ONWARDS Buffer Stops. Would any of our new recruits care to meet a few like-minded enthusiasts over a glass of – um – well, there’s plenty of choice available! Jean will buy the pies of you missed your tea, or so it’s rumoured.
SUNDAY MORNING HASLINGDEN CREW – no details of a meeting point but Kathy will be organising a mass litterpick somewhere…….. can put you in touch if you wish. Email us at info@civic-pride.org.uk

Civic Pride Folk …… (CPF) :
CPF (1) Wow! Stormin’ Norman (Norman McLaren ….. is the surname correct, Norman?) is setting Whitewell Bottom on fire. Litter, weeds and rubbish will soon cease to exist there. Put 26th May in your diary as the day when ghastly Himalayan Balsam will cease to exist thereabouts, courtesy of our new WWB crew. Bacon butties and the like all organised to lure you along. Big community job.
CPF (2) Rob went up to The Halo last week and found – no litter! He hid his disappointment well, we thought. Why’s this info here? ‘Cos it’s yet another indicator of the effectiveness of our Litter Crews and Lone Rangers. Places which are regularly cleaned tend to stay clean (not always true, but often the case)Thank you, pickers everywhere. Gerrout there, clear somewhere and wear your hi-viz with pride!
CPR (3) Grimmers for Brexit Secretary. Vote now ….. (if you don’t know what that’s about please ask!).

LAST BIT ….. Civic Pride is now growing like crazy. Pride groups are springing up all over the valley. Please let us know what you’re up to next week and we’ll T’Witter it for you. Luverly!


Chris PS if it doesnae rain very soon we’ll have a shout for a Watering Team for planters and hanging baskets. Please watch this space. Thanx!