A Rapido Witter

Should the salutation be “Evenin’ All” or “Mornin’ All” …..??

Special thanks to everyone who put in extra planting shifts this last week. Over 1,000 new plants gone into our various gardens. Do we getta move on or – what?? Good to see Alder Grange youngsters as well, getting wet and muddy on the layby garden this morning.

Oh – and by the way – just how DID you celebrate last week’s Summer Solstice?? You danced just how? And where?? Wearing what?? – oh let’s not go there …..

This week :
Weds 26th June Meet 6.30pm The Weds Evening session on The Embankment (opposite Asda) – yo-ho, more planting! Loads to do.
Thurs 27th June Meet 10am on The Gyro (opposite the library) planting and weed-killing. We’ve still got a long way to go before this is ready for the RHS judges so c’mon down, meet the crew and join in!
Fri 27th 8pm onwards anyone for Buffer Stops banter ‘n’ badinage??
Sat 28th 9am ’til 1pm Crawshawbooth Centre with our Outreach Team, Scouts and (we hope) some locals, tackling what’s become a village centre eyesore. We’re gonna make it something for the village to be proud of so – if you know of folk who live in the area, get ’em to come on down and contribute to the effort.
Sun 30th June early – Keith may be putting out a shout for the watering team volunteers, depending on weather between now and then. Stand ready!
Mon 1st July 9.30 Trickett’s Memorial Ground the crew are back on it. Do you know anyone in Waterfoot willing to help with this huge hard-work task? Please come along. No special talent needed. None at all. Zilch, in fact. Is that you??
Mon 1st July 10am meet at R’stall cemetery gates for another session in Bashing The Balsam : another multiple thousand of this invasive foreigner pulled up yesterday (24th June). All support welcome for our 1/7/19 effort!
It’s entirely true that one of our senior volunteers arrived at yesterday’s bash, saying he’d booked his spot in the cemetery. His name will be revealed next week unless the bribe price of a gallon of best bitter is paid b4 then….

Btw, you do not, repeat do not, have to be an expert gardener or litter[picker (or, indeed an expert anything) to help out with us ….. so doooo join in with a session. Or email us at info@civic-pride.org.uk for more – well – info!



PS THANK YOU to Round Table’s final fling, They’ve now ceased “trading” but at last week’s end-game hurrah they gave Civic Pride Rossendale a very welcome £600.00 Thank you everyone for this and for several decades of public-spirited work in our R’stall community.