A Festive Wittering

Yo-ho-ho ….

Get the answer to the question out of the way first : last week’s Witterings’ title? It was yer actual Latin. About The Solstice. ‘Twas the winter solstice last Friday, y’see. More daylight every day now. A full five minutes more by New Year’s Eve, compared to last Friday. Really. Spring’s on its way. Get the spades dusted off!

25th December …. some of our wonderful Lone Rangers start their Christmas Day with a litterpick round their area. Honestly. that really happens. A bit of individual productive wandering before the mayhem starts. Gets the blood flowing and increases one’s sense of immutable virtue!
27th December …. shock, there will be no Thursday crew out today. Worry not, we’re back next week!
28th December …(Friday) – Mass Litterpick organised by Our Ben. Meet on the Town Square at 10am. We hope to find some lovely caff to reward us all with a free coffee afterwards so come on out! You’ll meet folk you may not’ve seen for ages (or ever, in fact!). The wearing of Santa hats is permitted. PS current weather forecast – – light cloud, light winds, no rain ….good pickin’ weather.
28th Dec ….. Exec & Trustees 3pm. Sure, they’ve go it in their diaries ….
28th Dec (again) – 8pm Buffers – go on, y’know you can do it ….

THAT’S IT – except for :-
1. Marvellous Civic Pride Rossendale social Christmas dinner last Friday. Thank you to Aunty Lynn for getting us organised (“I’ve had easier times herdin’ cats” she said …). Listen guys, just get yourself to the next social bash. Don’t miss it. They’re such good fun and really help to add to the lovely sense of teamwork. (to be honest, I didn’t recognise some of ’em – clean, scrubbed up, not a hi-viz in sight ….)
2. Civic Pride AGM. We need you there perleeze! Tuesday 12th Feb, 6.30 prompt start, venue R’stall Cricket Club. Some big changes on the way.
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

PS more ol’ drivel next week … on New Year’s Eve, f’r heaven’s sake ….