It’s 2019 – and those Witterings are back. Again.

Happy New Year CP Volunteers!

You optimistically thought the old year’s gone so those Witterings’ll have gone as well …….. sorry to announce they’re trundling right into your bright new year!! BUT – Civic Pride’s full of new faces, new ideas, onwards-‘n’-upwards spirit – and Spring’s on its way!

This week :

Thursday 10th Jan meet 10am on Town Square – we’ve a Christmas tree to remove, the pit we dug for the tree to make safe and a whole square to give a winter tidy-up. Bring a mug for Aunty Lynn’s catering – oh, and thanks to Sue Shutt for posting a pik of Colin’s new CP hi-viz jacket : and if that makes no sense at all, DO come to join our merry crew. First-timers & new volunteers especially warmly welcome!
Friday 11th 8pm onwards New Year convivialty ‘n’ gossip at Buffer Stops (the beer was really cheap last week ….)
Sunday 13th MASS LITTERPICK!! Meet 10am bypass layby, outbound side of the bypass : that’s the layby round the back of the train station, opposite side of the bypass to McDonald’s. We’re aiming to do the whole length of the bypass, both verges and the central reservation so help needed! (at the recent Ketso consultation, litterpicks in general and mass litterpicks in particular came out as the most frequently mentioned item for us to be doing so ….. let’s go!)
Monday 14th, evening : another Witterings’ll be on its way. If you’ve an event for inclusion please let me know! (

The Bits ‘n’ Pieces Section
BNPS (1) Our 28th December Mass Litterpick was sooo good, it inspired one of our mad volunteers to “Go home and muck me house out …” (this is true – identity of the relevant party will be revealed on Friday. Maybe.)
BNPS (2) Facebook – hundreds, literally multiple hundreds, of the most warm and genuine thank-you comments and likes posted on the Civic Pride Rossendale page during the festive period. Just one of ’em for you here : “Never underestimate how much your work is valued and appreciated ….” Sez it all, we thought.
BNPS (3) Litterpickers – thank you so much to all the new guys who’ve started posting their pickings on Civic Pride’s QT site. They’re a real stimulus to your fellow-pickers – and often very humorous!. If you can’t find the site, there’s a link below. If you haven’t yet, go on have a go – it’s easy. Let us know if you’ve a problem with it. We’ll help.

See you out there – go on, give that New Year Resolution some mojo!


PS thank you Grimmers for the NY’s Eve Witter – a minor classic ….
PPS 16 more minutes of daylight today compared with the solstice. Woo-hoo!