Mid-May Witter

Evenin’ All

We’ve sooo many reports comin’ in from CP troops, out in ones and twos making the town look marvellous, so – diary dates this week are minimalist whilst everyone’s doing their own thing

THURS 17TH MEET 10AM Haslingden Rd Garden (adjacent to St Mary’s Chambers) a vast weeding job needed to follow on from last week’s excellent start by some of the Thursday crew.
FRI 18TH BUFFERS 8PM ONWARDS the PB is back (which’ll mean summat to the diehards!)
MON 21ST BYPASS LITTERPICK – whole length of the R’stall section before the mowers go in on 22nd. Mowers shred litter and scatter it everywhere, hence the picking beforehand. Meet 10.30am outside Hardman’s Mill. It’s a loooong stretch of road so all possible help very very welcome even if it’s only for a half hour. Latecomers can ring 07877211314 to find us.
MON 21ST TRICKETT’S MEMORIAL GROUND – not sure if this’ll happen this week as our two leaders mayn’t be available. Send queries to info@civic-pride.org.uk and we’ll pass ’em on to our resident geniuses (or is the plural “genii”??)

The PLEASE NOTE section …..
1. Workshops/Courses at Trafford Hall, Ince Lane, Chester, 22nd May. C.Pride-relevant workshops are Beginners Gardening and Grants/Fundraising. Bike Restoration workshop as well – you’re given a bike, shown how to restore it and can keep it afterwards!! Details h.kaira@traffordhall.com
2. Social “Do”?? The topic of Holmes Mill Clitheroe raised its head at last Friday’s Buffers. Aunty Lynn has volunteered to organise a social trip there (does she remember that??). 80 (eighty!) different beers for sale. Not sure what else!!
3. Grotspot clearance – sorry missed last week that Taylor St/Greenfield St have been cleared of the worst of it but there’s always more to do in that area so ….. how’re u feeling??
4. Just Giving – again, a lot of backroom admin to set up for this potentially vital source of funds. Please check out C.P’s latest newsletter for the link OR look at our website (www.civic-pride.org.uk) : the purple box “Donate With Just Giving” is near the top of the Home page. I’ve tried (and failed!) to include the link here but access is dead easy via newsletter or website.
5. One of many grants Charlotte secured is from Living Well Living Better (LWLB). There’s a LWLB Awards evening at The Riverside 20th June 6pm-9pm. We’ve been asked to send nominations for (1)group/organisation of the year (2)most innovative project (3)volunteer of the year (4)project making the most lasting contribution. Nominations don’t have to be CP-related but we can self-nominate. LWLB’s criteria are about promoting social cohesion & reducing isolation/loneliness. Ideas for nominations and/or wishing to attend the Awards event to charlotte@civic-pride.org.uk asap please.
6. Siphon (new coffee shop on Bank St) have lots of used coffee grounds (o’course!) which they think make good compost and/or slug repellent. Can someone pop in there twice weekly to collect them? Email info@civic-pride.org.uk if that’s you.
That, as they say, might be too much information – but hey c’mon, some of it’s useful!
More Witters next week. Whoopee, eh??