March into more Witterings ……

G’day to CPR folk everywhere,
I’ve got to ask. How did you spend your extra day of the year? And did you waft daffodils about yesterday?? From those weird queries you’ll have realised you’ve not got Helen’s liquid prose this week – we’re back (temporarily) to the standard low-grade tosh … beginning with :-
Tues 3rd March 9.30 Jubilee Gardens Crawshawbooth. This’ll involve a litterpick using our super-long litterpicking devices to get at the oh-so-visible-but-out-of-normal-reach rubbish. Help ’em gettit done!!
Thurs 5th March 10am Riverside Walk (Bury Rd, opposite the railway station) digging out old shrubs creating space for the planting of floral beauty. Btw, CPR’s Crazy Thursday Crew were officially the only people out gardening in the snow last week. They obviously need some help.
Friday Night – the weekly socials are in abeyance for now (and you thought they were in Hop ….. groan …)
Mon 9th March 9.30am Tricketts Memorial Ground. 9th March is also Commonwealth Day …. somehow appropriate for TMG working, n’est-ce pas?
Who’s This Lot, then?? Essential CPR info for you (‘specially if you missed our AGM on 18th Feb). The new team is :
Chair – Roger Grimshaw aka Tarmac Grimmers ; Vice-Chair Helen Thomas aka Vice Blossom ; Finance Officer – Charlotte Hocking aka She Who Must Be Obeyed ; Litter Officer Roger Roundell aka Rogerlitter ; Engagement & Admin Officer – Lynn Smith aka She Who Definitely Must be Obeyed ; Gardens Officer Anne Dixon aka Our Annie ; Projects Officer – Chris Blomerley (invent your own aka for him ..).
Lots of managers in post (Stores, Social Media etc etc details next week).
And …. wasn’t that enough?? Ok here’s more essential info :-
(1) Spinning Point 2 aka Town Square building development is NOT now going ahead. Whoopee! But – –  it gives us a lot of Garden-reinstatement there. News on that in the coming weeks.
(2)CPR’s Annual Development Plan – the AGM voted to go for Britain in Bloom this year after a gap of several years. We soooo need extra help for this massive improve-our-community project. Details to follow.
(3)URGENT!! CPR’s Outreach Team of Barry & Sue have been doing a marvellous job. Unfortunately they have to cut back on their commitments. Outreach involves going to schools, youth organisations etc to spread the CPR message. Janet’s already offered help but we need more. Email us with your offer of help –  [email protected] & please copy in [email protected] Thank you!
(4).A new brass plaque outside Casked (fav’rite watering hole) announces to the world that they’re also CPR’s Registered Office (that’s absolutely true!!). Go have a look – and thank you Mike & Amanda!
(5) Date for your diary : Greenhouse Opening Event 14th April 10am. It’s particularly aimed at giving older/less able folk a chance to get involved with us. We need  you – perleeze! to spread the word amongst all and sundry about this.The standard of T’Witterings will once again be elevated next week when Helen picks up her quill for us all. Can’t wait …