Lone Workers

The Lone Rangers are litter pickers who prefer to get out there on their own rather than as part of an organised group.  These are the men and women who have had such an impact on the cleanliness of our streets and indeed the bypass from Rawtenstall roundabout to the A56 – including the central reservation!

Originally based in Rawtenstall, Lone Rangers can now be found in Haslingden, Edenfield and Waterfoot clearing the streets in their own local area and making it a more pleasant place to live, not only for themselves but for their neighbours as well.

If gardening is your thing, why not become a Secret Gardener!  These are members of the Gardening Section who are often spotted out and about at completely random times doing a little surreptitious weeding or planting.  We’re now developing this concept farther by giving individuals the opportunity to take responsibility for their own community garden, again working at their own pace and at their chosen times.  Indeed, six of these illustrious souls entered their community gardens in the RHS ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ cometition this year.



“Picking up a discarded can in front of passers-by and then dropping it in the nearest bin, really does pay dividends!” CP volunteer

Health & Safety

We treat Health & Safety extremely seriously and so every lone worker is issued with H&S guidelines, Hi-Viz waistcoat, gloves, and relevant equipment.  Its then up to you to decide when, where and for how long you work.

Like to help but at times to suit you?  

Call us now on 07955 110199 or email info@civic-pride.co.uk