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Our irreverently named Weekly Witterings is our attempt to keep volunteers and supporters up to date with forthcoming events.

When lockdown happened, we followed the Government Guidleines to the letter. From no work at all, to working in pairs and now in groups of six we’re reclaiming our gardens from the ravages of lost time. Weeds have been weeded, plants have been planted and Himalayan Balsam bashed!

Our long term volunteers (I daren’t say old) have been joined by new, willing recruits and the results are there for all to see. However, Mother Nature never stops and so we’re always looking for help.

Our bee and butterfly friendly plants across our gardens and re-wilding area in Rawtenstall cemetery are helping the poulations of both to thrive.

Another survey Wittering

Dear Civic Pride, Firstly…..Thank you for sending in your replies to our survey about the Weekly Witterings. We valiantly hack away at the keyboard each week, but wondered what people thought and if we could improve the information shared via our regular newsletter. It’s been great to get your feedback about our communication lines, including […]

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A Tell Us What You Think Witter

Dear Civic Pride, Thanks to all our regular gardeners this week; things are coming along splendidly in the community gardens and there have been lots of positive comments from local people up and down the Valley. Lockdown in March really forced us backwards during the busiest time in the horticultural calendar, and the amount of […]

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A Proud Community Witter

Dear Civic Pride, Welcome to another week of gardening, litter picking and community spirit. Thanks everyone…..What would Rossendale look like without your fantastic efforts…? If the last few weeks are anything to go by then we’d be sinking below an antisocial tide of rubbish on our streets and in public spaces. There seems to be […]

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A What a difference Witter!

Sunday 9th August 2020 Dear Civic Pride, It’s been a busy week of environmental endeavour in sunny Rossendale, and it’s such a pleasure to see so many volunteers out litter picking, gardening and balsam bashing. May we extend an especially warm welcome to all our new recruits who are rolling up their sleeves and helping […]

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A Rather August, August Wittering!

Sunday 2nd August 2020 Dear Civic Pride, August already. Gardens full of flowers, weeds that grow too quickly and volunteers out and busy in Rossendale every sunny and/or rainy day. There has been a flurry of activity around the Town Square as we begin to rejuvenate the central garden and planted borders. Many thanks to […]

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