Where we started

The work of Civic Pride Rossendale (CPR) was going well, with litter picking and gardening making a real impact on Rawtenstall and other areas of the valley.

The local press was loud in its praise of the work we were doing but we needed to engage more closely with the people of Rossendale, particularly the youth. Two retired teachers were asked if they would use their skills to tell young people what CPR was doing and how it contributed to wider environmental issues.

What we wanted

This new team was to work directly with schools and youth organisations to tell young people about the work of CPR and to encourage them to take part in activities that supported its work.  It was hoped that future generations would develop a pride in the area in which they live. Secondly, due to the pester power of children, that they would educate their parents into not dropping litter and polluting rivers.

Where we are now

We have contacted all the schools in the Rossendale Valley, the District Commissioners of the scouts and guides and the coordinators of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. We have also been in touch with Church groups and other voluntary organisations.  Adult groups have been targeted, such as the Mothers Union, WI and Rotary but regrettably with little success.


There is a minority of people within the valley, both young and old, who appear to have little respect for the environment. A minority but nevertheless, a significant minority. The question is – how can we engage with them?

We’re keen to work collaboratively with other Civic Pride groups to develop Outreach strategies but most importantly to attract other members of CPR to the Outreach group. Could this be you?

Future Plans

This change will require generations to achieve, so it’s essential that we future proof the work of the Outreach group by:

  • Continuing to do what we are currently doing
  • Encouraging other groups that we have worked with to take “ownership” of their own areas and work independently
  • Developing this area within the website for the organisations we work with and disseminating materials to them

We want to be in a Rawtenstall that does not need Civic Pride Rossendale!

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