Give your Witterings a spot of inward digestionĀ ?

Dear Volunteers Old and New,

Old? What? Anyhow, to make you feel thus, two things happen this week : Tina Turner (don’t ask “Who’s that?”) is 80. And it’s 56 years since Dr Who started.

But, for the young at heart and slightly insane, a few dates for the diary :-
Tues 26th Nov 9am ’til 11.30 Crawshawbooth Crew : meet Jubilee Gardens. Arriving later? Ring Ann on 07811 705216 to see where they’ve got to. NB Can’t make this arrangement? Ring Elaine (07484 664466) who will happily induct you into a host of other Crawshawbooth-based Civic Pride Rossendale (CPR) opportunities. Elaine, bless ‘er, reckons CPR is contagious. We think we know what she means ā€¦.
Tues 26th Nov 10 ’til 12.00 Peaceful Plot Crew. See previous weeks for details.
Tues 26th all morning : The CPR Christmas trees go up in Rawtenstall! Fingers crossed, this is all organised. Just look out for us and – ummm – check the insurance!!
Weds 27th 10am Mytholme Playground, Waterfoot : Join the gang for the monthly tlc of the area.
Thurs 28th Nov 10am Bypass, outbound layby for the Glorious Thursday Crew. For new guys, [a] you’re hugely warmly welcome [b] this layby is exit-from-Rawtenstall side of the bypass, at the backside [oops] of the railway station.
Fri 29th Nov NB NB No Hop meet! No-one’s been to Hop for convivial CPR Friday evening socialising recently, so we’re calling a halt to it. We may resume at some future point if there’s interest in so doing. Let me know please.
Sat 30th 4pm onwards Rawtenstall Christmas Lights Switch-On! Bank St/Town Square/Market areas. CPR will have a presence – look for us/join us!
Sun 1st Dec. 10am Help!! It’s CPR’s 1st-Sunday-Of-The-Month session. Embankment opposite Asda. That insane woman (you know who) has “accidentally” got 2,000 bulbs to plant there. Bring trowel, stout footwear and an ability to garden on a 45 degree slope! (ok, there are some non-sloping bits ā€¦)
Sun 1st Dec 10am Water/Lumb residents!! Meet outside Water village shop for this first-ever CPR group session. Further info from Anthony, email [email protected]Ā  It’s a litterpick from Millennium Park up to Crown Point Rd, plus chat about other feasible Water/Lumb projects. With luck, a brew afterwards. Will Elaine’s contagion (see above) spread up here??
Mon 2nd Dec. 10am TMG gang ; and Bacup Pride‘s fortnightly Monday session. Details as in previous weeks.

Epilogue :
(1) Civic Pride Rossendale’s Annual General Meeting is 6.30pm Tues 18th Feb 2020 at R’stall Cricket Club. Gettit in thi’ diary!
(2) Rossendale Community Awards – CPR was finalist in the ceremony’s big event, Outstanding Community Contribution. Thank you to Anne and to Roger Litter for representing us and to all who voted for us.

Inevitably, I’ve forgotten something. Be gentle & just let me know what it is!