Mytholme Play Area

Established in 2017 at a cost of £120,000, by 2019 the whole area had an aura of neglect. Weeds had taken over the gardens and whilst litter was picked regularly by a local resident, fly tipping in the neighbouring car park was not unusual.


With a small but enthusiastic team we started by clearing the raised flower beds, pruning the shrubs and then a wide variety of bee friendly and sensory plants were added. The grassed areas were strimmed, bulbs planted and the whole area left ready for winter. Litter picking is undertaken daily by a local lady for which we and the local residents are extremely grateful.

The play area itself needs regular litter picking and the gardens will need appropriate maintenance but we have a supportive team and so none of this should prove to be a problem.  Development potential is limited and so our volunteers are looking at other areas to help out.

By day this area is used by young children with parents or grandparents but in the evening it’s a meeting place for teenagers. We want it to be a place for young and old alike, with a recreation area for the children and pleasant gardens for adults.

It should be a place for families to meet, mix and enjoy and with the Old Library café immediately next door, there’s even somewhere to retire to when the weather’s bad!

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