Totally Sane

Located opposite the ‘Round the Bend’ garden at the back of an overgrown grassy corner, there were literally hundreds of saplings, bushes, nettles, ivy and brambles creating a rather unkempt appearance.

This is a major thoroughfare for walkers and vehicles on the way to or from the local schools and is visible to anyone driving up the only vehicular access to the Constablee estate. We wanted it to be a focal point for those coming up the hill, in the same way as the Round the Bend garden acts for those driving down. It was hoped that there would be interest shown by some of the other local residents.


We spent many hours cutting everything back, weeding, planting bulbs and plants acquired from many sources including neighbour’s gardens. By this time, the major figure in the project was travelling for most of the year, long before anything much had grown or flowered. What state would it be in by the time she got back?

Enter four amazing local ladies who agreed to take over the garden while the boss was away. Many a happy hour was spent weeding, pruning and planting. As the weather improved, a watering rota was established to keep the bedding plants and baskets alive.  Thanks also go to the school children for emptying their water bottles into the hanging baskets – marvellous.

It is ideally placed to showcase the Civic Pride just do it attitude. Rather than waiting for someone else to sort it out, just get on with it. Proof positive that Civic Pride works!

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