Ashoka Bed

This bed is situated on the junction of Bocholt Way and Bacup Road.  It has a straight side bordered by the footpath whilst a curved side faces the roundabout.

Originally maintained by the local council it had fallen into a permanent decline with a few straggly perennials and spring bulbs.  The supporting wall had been damaged on the traffic side but Civic Pride Rossendale, in cooperation with a local builder had effected a repair sometime previously.


Having carried out an urgent rescue, pruning of the firmly established shrubs was necessary and many were removed to make way for new planting. This included shallow rooted alpines, another rose planted for balance and some rudbeckia, verbena and asters along with plants and grasses to add visual contrast.

To improve the approach along Bacup Road, the bed was restocked with a range of shrubs and perennials and some seasonal bedding plants, taking care not to obscure the view of approaching traffic.

The soil was mulched, shrubs planted and in successive years experimentation with the most suitable plants for an exposed area with minimal soil have been undertaken. This has resulted in more colour and variety with both low and high level shrubs and perennials.

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