Riverside Walk

As can be seen by the quality of the railings and the central arch, this was always intended to be a showpiece, an area of local heritage. It’s the first thing that the literally tens of thousands of visitors arriving on the East Lancashire Railway (ELR) each year, see as they leave the platform.

Incidentally, the pedestrian bridge was originally used to provide access to the weaving sheds on the site now occupied by a major supermarket.


Many ELR visitors disembark in Ramsbottom as the station is virtually in the town centre but in Rawtenstall it’s a ten minute walk to Bank Street and its fantastic independent shops.  The quickest route is via Bury Road, past what was a row of empty shops (now fully occupied since Civic Pride took the first one on a temporary basis).


Our vision is for the garden to provide the start of a positive experience for visitors who venture from the ELR to one of the area’s best kept secrets; Rawtenstall’s Bank Street shops!

With refurbished metalwork and benches, low hanging branches cut from the trees, shrubs judiciously pruned, weeding undertaken and perennials planted to add colour, we’re returning this to what it should be; an attractive entrance to the town.

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