Reeds Rains Bed

Originally planted by the council, this was one of several beds with over developed azaleas which were removed some time ago.  For a number of reasons, the garden didn’t get the attention it deserved until another willing volunteer stepped into the breach.

We wanted a riot of colour and texture to attract people to enter and explore our main shopping area. Between this and Doo-Dah’s bed, we hope this ambition is being achieved; with a little help from mother nature of course!


This is another of our secret gardener beds, looked after by a lady who wants to make it a haven for bees. Colour was also a priority to provide a bright and cheerful appearance to the Newchurch Road entrance to Bank Street.

As any experienced gardener will tell you, it takes time to understand what plants are best suited to a particular bed and this is no exception. It’s also true that weeds thrive in it, making it a big job for one person but colleagues are always available to lend a helping hand.

We plan to make it into a recycle bed by using plants donated by friends, the public or other organisations. We want to prove that it’s possible to create a beautiful garden without spending huge amounts of money.  So, if you’ve got plants you’d like to donate, please contact us!

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