Queen’s Square Triangle

In 2014 a group of volunteers test planted a small area on the triangle on Queen’s Square, with wild flower seeds. The soil was thought to be unsuitable for planting.

One of our volunteers felt that a small triangular bed might look well and the first three-sided bed was created by one man, a spade and some plants.


The following year he decided to mirror the bed with another one and planted it up with bright red salvia, bordered with silvery shrub to contrast. With this success behind him, he used more of the area to create a third bed. This was planted with low growing miniature begonias in contrasting colours, inspiration coming from seeing a similar display on television; in Downing Street no less!  These low maintenance plants contrast well with the trimmed edges which are attended to after the council mowers have done their work.

The area is now complemented by the work that has taken place on the gyro, particularly Rawtenstall Sue aka the train!  There are no plans to expand at the moment but who knows what the future holds for yet another Civic Pride garden.

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