Daisy Hill

This small plot in some ways represents where Civic Pride Rossendale began, way back in 2000.  Opposite Daisy Hill is the old Coop building now occupied by Sunday Best, an award-winning womanswear shop owned by our founder, Jan Shutt.

Jan’s desire to improve the immediate surroundings for her customers who came from places like Cheshire and the Ribble Valley is still there, as evidenced by her commitment to maintaining this little plot and the car park above it.


Situated in one of the oldest parts of the town, this conservation area has had a large hawthorn tree growing in the little bed for many years.  Good things come in small packages and this is no exception.

As we all know, trees like this have a habit of growing and need annual pruning to keep them looking good, litter needs to be removed from beneath it and colourful plants looked after.

Nothing dramatic, just good old-fashioned gardening is planned for the future. It’s a pleasant sight on the way down from Daisy Hill car park which is also maintained by the team.

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