Low maintenance, practical and interesting

Ours is a colourful, yet low maintenance garden, the daffodil display this year was amazing.

Tubs are great, as we can always take stuff and put it on the roof of our narrow boat. Hence the lettuce for a quick snack miles from shops. With lockdown, the lettuce growing went a bit mad, so as they all grew, salads are the order of the day. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, plus chives, curry plant, bay and coriander are all there in tubs too for the same reason.

The tropical looking yucca goes outside every summer and gets dragged back in for winter. It was bought for 50p 15 years ago, almost dead, revived and is now used as a stock plant for new yuccas, which grow like weeds in our house. One day, it won’t fit back inside!


Lots of areas are used for wild flowers to grow, supporting bees and butterflies plus our resident birds. There is also a bug box, nesting boxes and a hedgehog hotel, but we haven’t seen any use it yet.

Although small and on two levels, with stunning views of Cribden, there is a lot packed into the area. We both love our garden, watching the wildlife and enjoying the scents, waiting to see what re emerges each year. Love it in Spring when the frogs in our small pond croak through the night.