Hill Street Playground

Noticing that the Jubilee Gardens were being improved, local residents approached us to improve Hill Street Playground.  However, this is very much a work in progress.  It’s encouraging that litter, vandalism and thoughtless acts have decreased in the Jubilee Gardens since we took them over, hopefully the same will happen here.


We want to make the playground more attractive and welcoming by planting brightly coloured bedding plants and by introducing flowering perennials. This way it can once again be a place for young families to meet, play and chat.

Our first job was to litter pick the playground and weed the beds.  Next, we planted winter flowering pansies and perennials such as heather, ornamental grasses, evergreen viburnum, rosemary and thyme. The grasses as they fill out will be soft for children to run their hands through, the heathers will add instant colour and the rosemary and thyme give off lovely scents.

Rossendale Borough Council have a long-term plan to update the playground surface and to convert the three raised beds to seating. We have suggested planting the two beds in the upper level, leaving the raised bed in the lower level for conversion to seating.

This is a community play area, used and enjoyed by local families during the day. It’s not unusual for such places to become the haunt of older children in the evenings, all we ask is that they respect the area and leave it in a fit state for younger children. Watch this space.

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