Certainly Potty (is that the owner or the garden)?

Perched on top of a hill between Waterfoot and Bacup this garden is exposed to the wind and rain.  As you can see I have rather a lot of pots!  On the plus side there are magnificent views over the Rossendale valley.  The real stars of my garden are the hills in the background.

The garden backs onto a field which is now full of sheep and lambs.  So lovely to sit on my terrace overlooking the field and the hills listening to the lambs and the birds.

My greenhouse is full of geraniums and dahlias which will, in May/June be potted out.  I will then fill my greenhouse with the vegetables and fruit currently growing from seed on windowsills inside the cottage – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, courgettes.


I’ve not included any photos of my little lawn because it is currently a work in progress.  I’ve scarified it, weeded it and seeded it.  Yesterday my neighbour asked me if I was having a problem with badgers.  I had to explain that I had made the mess myself!