Edenfield may only be a small village but it takes an awful lot of work by a small team to keep it and the surrounding areas free(ish) of litter.  Our key volunteer in the village is Ruth Lord who also plays a major part in clearing the bypass on a regular basis between Rawtenstall and the A56 and Bury Road as far as the Whitchaff!

Recently 14 girls and 3 leaders from 20th Rossendale (Edenfield) Guides CV2 low rescleared the centre of Edenfield and found the biggest problem was uncaring dog owners throwing bags of dog pooh into the bushes by the playing fields and meadow land.  Well aware of the dangers of dog pooh, the girls were quite disgusted and equally concerned as they are well aware that it takes about a thousand years for the bag to decompose!

A passing lady motorist stopped to thank all Civic Pride volunteers, especially those where she lives in Edenfield.  She also mentioned how much pleasanter a place Rossendale is to live in since Civic Pride became active.  She was delighted to see youngsters involved but then judging by the picture, so were the youngsters!  Well done to all concerned.

If you’d like to help, please email info@civic-pride.org.uk