December (wot, already??) Witterings

G’day Lovely Volunteers,

This Week’s Witter ain’t so much a list of organised sessions but a compendium of vital info to keep you a bit up to date with Civic Pride Rossendale (aka CPR) stuff. In no particular order of vitalness, read on :-

Vital Info (1) Lights switch-on : were you there on Saturday? Hundreds turned up to see the CPR tree plus lots of other illuminations get the on-button treatment. One lovely aspect was – loads of people but almost zilch litter.
Vital Info (2) Volunteering : despite the fact that we’ve not many organised sessions this week it’s wonderful to see individuals and small groups of volunteers still going out there to do the CPR thing. Thank you!
Vital Info (3) Crawshawbooth group : no organised sessions at the mo but please ring Ann if you want info about what to do. She’s on 07811 705216.
Vital Info (4) Trickett’s Memorial Ground : The Monday work goes on but ‘specially nice is that the Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire’s sent ’em a cheque to help with the creation of a gorgeous mural. Watch that space!
Vital Info (5) Website : is now all-new and fab, thanks to a shedload of work by Publicity Grimmers and others. Go have a look!
Vital Info (6) Water/Lumb group : delighted to see the first organised session for another new CPR group yesterday – only a small turn-out but from little acorns ….. Email [email protected] if you want to join in up there or know someone who might.
Vital info (7) Peaceful Plot Crew : have called a halt for December. Fantastic transformation already achieved with more planned for next year.
Vital Info (8) THURSDAY CREW!! : This Thurs 5th December 10am on the Embankment opposite Asda. A few more bulbs to go in to add to the vast number we put in on Sunday ; and a general tidying and a trimming to spruce up the whole garden. See you there!
Vital Info (9) Friday nite socials : Just to repeat last week’s Witters on this – the Friday night gossip ‘n’ gin (aka badinage ‘n’ beer) sessions have stopped, for now at least. We’ll reinstate them if there’s requests, nay, demands, so to do.
Vital Info (10) Whaddya want?? : You’ve got something CPR-related you want help with? Get in touch! [email protected]  Or something to go in these dreaded Witterings? Ditto, but to [email protected]

That’s it – apart from gettin’ on the Hi-Viz ‘n’ doing your bit. Marvellous!


P.S. One sad bit of non-CPR info to impart : The Apostrophe Protection Society was closed down yesterday (this is true). Its ‘cos wanton misuse of that essential element of punctuation continue’s unabated……