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A Weekly Wildlife Wittering

Dear Civic Pride, Hope that everyone remains in good health. In last week’s Witterings I asked for your thoughts on litter during the continuing lockdown. From the excellent responses (thank you!) it is apparent there is a mix of positive and negative. With the population unable to socialise, less litter is gathering in the usual […]

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An Almost Surreal Wittering!

Hello fellow volunteers The situation is changing daily, which makes it extremely difficult to plan more that a few hours ahead! However, please rest assured that the CPR Trustees and Exec Team are working hard behind the scenes with three fundamental goals: 1. To keep our volunteers safe 2. To ensure that our volunteers feel […]

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A Meteorological Spring Wittering

Hello again, Civic Pride. Another week into meteorological Spring, and at last the sun shone upon our Thursday Crew as they worked at the Riverside Walk in Rawtenstall. Their aim was to dig out some of the older shrubs, replacing them with more colourful plants, and they enjoyed themselves so much the whole process is […]

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March into more Witterings ……

G’day to CPR folk everywhere, I’ve got to ask. How did you spend your extra day of the year? And did you waft daffodils about yesterday?? From those weird queries you’ll have realised you’ve not got Helen’s liquid prose this week – we’re back (temporarily) to the standard low-grade tosh … beginning with :- Tues […]

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CPR Wittering On …..

What-ho all ye windswept CPR folks, First, an appeal from Aunty Lynn. Please let her know if you’re going to CPR’s AGM (Tues 18th Feb 6.30pm start, R’stall Cricket Club) – she needs approx numbers so she can get the FREE BUFFET organised! A quick yes/no, please, to lynns@civic-pride.org.uk Thank you! Here followeth your essential […]

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