Carrs Industrial Estate

In March 2016 Civic Pride mustered teams from across Rawtenstall and Haslingden to take part in the Clean for the Queen campaign which resulted in Haslingden Carrs 1 low resover 1.2 tons of litter being collected in a single day!  Unwilling to leave the job unfinished further sessions were organised and the end result was over 260 bags plus a huge amount of larger detritus.

Following this momentous piece of work we sent out letters on to every company on the estate to ask for help keep it clear and arranged for more regular road sweeping on the main thoroughfare to be undertaken by the council.

At an inaugural meeting in July at the Run Amok play centre, a new group was established with the express purpose of making the estate a cleaner place for businesses and visitors alike.  Founder members from Run Amok and MCT Brattberg are now hard at work but they need your help.  Please email

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