Another Witterings Supplementary

Extra, extra!!

A quick shout out for the Waterfoot Civic Pride Team

Next Sunday 28th June at the Turning Circle in Waterfoot centre from 11am onwards:

Please come along and support Waterfoot Civic Pride, who are meeting to clear the weeds and litter from all the shop fronts, bridges, pavements and walls. When they did this last year, 15 volunteers turned up and made such a difference to the centre for the months ahead. Everyone is welcome, and if you can, bring a little scraper or such tool (though Liz will be delving in the lock-up for spares).
There is plenty to do all over Waterfoot, so Social Distancing is more than possible.

Please note that in future we’ll be sending the Weekly Witterings out on Sunday afternoon rather than Monday evenings, so everyone will have time to plan for the week ahead. If you would like to contribute any CPR dates or events in your area, please email [email protected] with the details by lunchtime on Saturdays.

Thank you

Helen Thomas
Vice Chair, CPR