Annual General Witterings

Good Evening to Both T’Witterings Readers,
Both? Really? Well, that’s me ‘n’ mum. Are there any others?

Ok, as Your Correspondent is one who can get things wrong with more panache than anyone else, allow me to proceed :
Tues 18th Feb Meet 9.30am Jubilee Gardens : Our Elaine sez the wind’s been “a bit active” so this week the Crawshawbooth crew will be out chasing litter. Wind? Can’t say I noticed ….
Tues 18th Feb Free Buffet at R’stall Cricket Club – oh, and it’s Civic Pride Rossendale’s Annual General Meeting just before, prompt start 6.30pm. Aunty Lynn’s sent you ALL the documents you’ll need so if you say you’ve no idea wot’s going on she’ll be cross. And that, dear souls, is something to dread …..
Thurs 20th Feb 10am inbound layby on the bypass (same place as last week). Aunty Lynn, who’s having a very busy week, is in charge of the Thursday Crew so confidently expect it to be organised to a “T” !
Fri 21st No Fri night social planned this week. Possibly back in action next week to celebrate the darkest part of the year now being behind us. Summer’s on its way!
Mon 24th 9.30am Trickett’s Memorial Ground Crew are up an’ at it – I hear there’s a stack of planting to get stuck into. Marvellous! Go help!
Reminder : our next first-Sunday-Of-The-Month session, Sun 1st March so ALL Welsh folk are expected to turn out (eh??). It’s a 10am start on a huge clearing, trimming and tending of our arboretum (it’s next to the traffic lights, R’stall end of the bypass, just outside McD’s).

And that, as they say, is my lot. It’s been a pleasure, dear reader!