A “Vote For Us” Wittering!

Dear Electorate,

Yup, vote for Civic Pride Rossendale – we’ll get things sorted out. ….. well, the litter ‘n’ gardens bit of it anyway ….. maybe. With a little help from our friends. And from you lovely people ….

To help us on our way with the above, please note the below …..
Weds 11th December 10am meet on the bypass opposite the New Hall Hey roundabout . Our Annie’s leading our experiment in wildflowering the area. Not as easy as it sounds but dooooo go along to help this noble enterprise.
Thurs 12th Dec It’s The Crazy Gang! Thursday Crew meet on the bypass’s inbound layby (that’s the one near McDonalds) for titivating ‘n’ tlc ‘n’ bulb-planting (yes, we’re still at it!). ALSO – when last I looked (Saturday) there was a lorra lorra litter on the bypass so litter-picking fans please come along as well.
Thurs 12th Election Day. Go on, JDI!
Sat 14th Manic Christmas shopping day …. Essentials list : credit card … shopping bag…. comfy shoes …. litterpicker ….
Mon 16th 10am Trickett’s Crew are at it – Trickett’s Memorial Ground Burnley Rd East (unless the weather’s particularly wet ‘n’ foul).
Mon 16th 10am Bacup Pride gang meet at the lockup on Bacup Market. Email [email protected]. Aunty Pat or Uncle Andrew will give you more info.

(1)Have you read your Rossie Council Refuse and Recycling Guide 2019/20?? Every house/flat in Rossendale’s got one. Just read it. Particularly the inside back cover! Did we ask ’em to do that? Nope, they just did it, bless ’em. (go on, look it up!!)
(2)Just to let you know : your correspondent hears that some of our behind-the-scenes slaves need a spot of help. Finance. Social Media. Website. Drop a line to [email protected] if any of those might just be you.
(3)Mass Litter Pick – gird up your loins ‘n’ polish thi wellies – Roger Litter’s winding up to have a Big Pick sometime during Christmas/New Year – possibly New Year’s Day. All t.b.a. as yet. Watch this space. He might even arrange mulled stuff ‘n’ mincers!

A pleasure, as ever, to fill your inbox with rubbish – hummmm, where’s that delete button??

Chris P.S. just memorise it all before you delete. Ok?