A Very Busy Witter

Dear Civic Pride,

Welcome to what promises to be another week of frenzied weeding and litter picking furor in Rossendale. Fortunately we’ve been joined by a good number of new volunteers who have been collecting litter, bashing balsam and pulling up weeds like seasoned CPR professionals. Thank you everyone, and please keep posting your activities on QT, it’s a great way for the team to communicate ongoing efforts and achievements. For all volunteers – keep checking our website for updates and information, and get in touch if there’s anything you’re not sure about. Please note that we are currently updating some of our Risk Assessments on ‘roadside working and traffic proximity’ within the Health and Safety policy. As ever, volunteers are encouraged to download the policy and follow the guidelines remembering that no-one should ever undertake any Civic Pride activities unless they feel comfortable and safe.

The Civic Pride back office is as busy as ever. Covid 19 and its implications for the way we live has really focused attention on CPR’s place in the community, and how we rise to the challenges faced by local people and businesses. This has necessitated some serious thought and planning, not just in day to day activities, but in securing sponsorship, funding and direction for the future.

The gardening team, led by Anne, have adapted brilliantly to bring community gardens back into line, and to make the local areas as bright and colourful as possible this summer. All the litter pickers and those who spent hours weeding the fiddly bits in between paving stones are helping to create an environment that looks well cared for and respected. As more small retailers open their doors this week, we have also committed to supporting the local economy by sourcing any purchases or skills from local suppliers and shops.
So as we move forward, the coming week has a number of gardening mini group opportunities which must be pre-booked so we can accommodate volunteers whilst still maintaining social distancing:–

Tue 16th June – 9-11am – Central Reservation – Weeding!!

Wed 17th June – 10-12 – Riverside Walk – More Weeding!!!

Thurs 18th June – 10-12 – In-Bound Layby – Thursday Crew – Yet More Weeding!!!!

Sunday 21st June – 10-12 – Summer Solstice/Father’s Day Celebration Gardening – Gyratory Crescent Flower Bed (by Fire Station) Wait for it….we’ll be Weeding!!!!!!!!

It is simple to join in the weeding frenzy – just contact Anne on [email protected] to volunteer for one or more of the days on offer. Maximum of 6 weeders in one area at any one time. Turn up with your own tools and keep your distance from all other weeders.

You can see how the gardens are transforming on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where after four years of hard work, Jackie is set to handover the reins to Janet. On behalf of Civic Pride may I thank Jackie for the huge efforts and contributions she has made in developing our Social Media presence to a very high standard. Not an easy job, but beautifully done.

Finally, there was a lovely supportive article about Civic Pride by the Scribbler in last Friday’s Rossendale Free Press. Together with loads of positive feedback from local people to our volunteers who were busily working away outdoors. Your Civic Pride volunteering is something to be proud of.Thank you.

Helen Thomas
Vice Chair, Civic Pride Rossendale