A Sad Supplementary Witter

Having listened to the PM’s speech last evening, it is apparent that CPR volunteers need to stay at home, leave the litter as it is and let nature temporarily take over the gardens.
We’ve played a huge part in transforming Rawtenstall but the shops, cafes and bars which have also been integral to its regeneration have been forced to close, with who knows what financial implications to their owners and staff.
The most important message seems to be, stay at home and protect the NHS. For me this is a very strong argument. It will be hard for some of us to accept after the huge support we’ve given CPR over the years but it’s clear that we must cooperate.
Some of you have already started helping those in self-isolation, the vulnerable and the socially isolated. The Exec is currently looking at other ways we can help the community and there’ll be more on this as we have news. If you have ideas, please let us know.
On behalf of the Rossendale community, a huge, huge thank you to all you for what you have done already and will hopefully do again in the not so distant future. We will be back!