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Dear Civic Pride,

All systems go for a busy week ahead, so gather up your gloves, litter-pickers and garden tools. Litter from newly re-opened takeaways and pavements covered with weeds are just two of the problems being successfully tackled by our volunteers throughout Rossendale.

The Summer bedding plants ordered from RBC pre-Covid 19 have arrived (hurrah!) early this year, and now need organising, planting up and of course….watering! Please turn up to lend a hand whether you are an experienced gardener or a complete novice; Anne will make sure everyone is suitably spaced out and knows what to do. We have enough garden areas to implement social distancing, so if more than six people arrive we can work Together but Apart in different places. Complicated? A little, but completely do-able. Thanks to everyone for supporting CPR so brilliantly as we catch up with all the Community gardens.

Here’s what’s happening around your Valley:-

With new volunteers onboard, Crawshawbooth are currently running 3 sessions of gardening and litter picking per week. Contact Elaine for further details [email protected]
Meet at 9am Jubilee Gardens – to plant bedding plants and hanging baskets.
6pm Jubilee Gardens – watering, weeding and planting.
9am Jubilee Gardens – watering, weeding and tidying.

The Peaceful Plot, Rawtenstall Cemetery
Moira Speechley will be running a regular Tuesday session for the next few weeks to build on last year’s brilliant work. For directions or to check that it’s still on if the weather is bad, please email [email protected].
10am – 12 noon – Balsam bashing. Getting rid of the invasive Himalayan Balsam and encouraging native plants.

The Monday gardening team is making great progress in Trickett’s Memorial Ground every week [email protected] for details
9.30 – 12 noon – all gardening activities
Don’t forget that Waterfoot Lone Ranger litter-pickers are really busy at the moment. If you need equipment or advice contact [email protected] or check out QT to see what’s happening.

10am -12 noon Haslingden Road Gardens. Weeding, pruning and tidying.
10am – 12 noon. Gyro Train Garden on the Fire Station Roundabout. Planting up new bedding plants
10am – 12 noon. Gyro Train Garden. Planting up rainbow coloured bedding plants in the newly created crescent bed.

Lone Rangers and Secret Gardeners are out and about every day. Activities are posted on QT so you can see which areas have been tended or cleared. Please report any fly tipping on the RBC website, and they will move the rubbish as soon as possible.
Every hour of gardening, litter picking, fundraising, organising and planning donated by a CPR volunteer is greatly appreciated by the local community. All the hard work really does make a difference.

Helen Thomas

View from the Back Room
That Civic Pride Rossendale (CPR) is an amazing organisation few would disagree, but why? Where did it come from? What makes it tick? We’ll to try and answer these questions and more, revealing things you probably never knew about CPR. Shed light on unsung heroes and talk to some its supporters.
The results of our frontline volunteers work are there for all to see – beautiful gardens, litter free streets and Himalayan Balsam free areas. This is the public’s view of CPR, correct and truly wonderful it is too but…

have you noticed the clock in the tower next to ASDA? For 70 years it was stopped – telling the right time twice a day! One of CPR’s first achievements was to raise a £12k grant to reconnect the electricity and repair the clock. That was in the early 2000s orchestrated by our founder, Jan Shutt of Sunday Best. In 2019 Jan and her team organised a replacement tree for the Daisy Hill car park, cleared the weeds between the cobbles and organised their re-pointing. Nice one Jan!

Roger Grimshaw