A Meteorological Spring Wittering

Hello again, Civic Pride.

Another week into meteorological Spring, and at last the sun shone upon our Thursday Crew as they worked at the Riverside Walk in Rawtenstall.
Their aim was to dig out some of the older shrubs, replacing them with more colourful plants, and they enjoyed themselves so much the whole process is set to be repeated again this week, but in an exciting new location……Read on for more!

Tuesday 10th March, 9.30am.
Jubilee Gardens Crawshawbooth for the regular session.

Thursday 12th March, 10am. A special treat ‘away day’ session.
A trip to foreign parts – namely Jubilee Gardens – Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth.
We will be helping Elaine to dig out overgrown shrubs, and make room for colourful plants. Sounds familiar? This sort of transformation is why CPR exists! All volunteers are welcome; whether you are an experienced gardener, a complete novice or a dedicated litter picker. Car parking for this session’s volunteers will be in the car park beside White Bull pub/Indian Harvest restaurant BB4 8AJ or alongside St John’s Church BB4 8LZ.

Monday 16th March, 09.30am.
Trickett’s Memorial Ground, Waterfoot.
Join the Waterfoot CPR team and continue the excellent restoration of this important Memorial garden. The transformation so far is a real credit to the volunteers, but I’m assured there is more digging to be done!

Monday 16th March,10.00am
The first Monday morning session of 2020 at Jubilee Gardens, Waterfoot and then weekly therefater.

It’s a busy time of year for CPR, and as usual the Lone Ranger Litter Pickers and Secret Gardeners are out in force judging by all the posts on Quick Topic. Volunteering time on a more flexible basis has certainly become very popular…… There’s more information on our website, where you can also make contact with other CPR groups in your local area to find out what’s happening there.

Couple of (well, three) reminders….

1. We are still searching for people with experience in teaching and youth work to join our Outreach Team; helping to cascade the Civic Pride ethos to younger members of the community. This is a dynamic and fulfilling volunteer role….Interested? Get in touch!

2. The safety and wellbeing of all our CPR volunteers is paramount: Please remember that The Health and Safety Handbook is available to download and read at your leisure from www.civic-pride.org.uk (from the menu select ‘about’ and scroll down the list)

3. The CPR greenhouse project will be opening to volunteers both old and new on 14th April at 10am. Please come along and support our latest venture, (situated behind Rawtenstall Market)

That’s it for this week!

Helen Thomas

Vice Chair