A busy, busy Witter

Sunday 12th July

Dear Civic Pride,

A massive, huge, resounding ‘Thank you’ for the difference you have made to Rossendale since lockdown restrictions were eased enough to release CPR volunteers into the wild. Even after a short time, nature is always quick to reclaim gardens for herself, so progress has been amazing. There is still ongoing work to be done in the community gardens, as well as picking litter and clearing weeds from just about everywhere. So, if you know someone who is looking to volunteer in our local area, this could be the time to introduce them to Civic Pride. There’s loads of information on the CPR Website and our Social Media about all the different Civic Pride groups throughout Rossendale, and new volunteers are always welcome to join. Please contact Lynn our Volunteer Engagement Officer for details [email protected]

Things are getting busier….. What’s happening in the coming week?

Monday 13th July – For the next two weeks the Crawshawbooth team will be concentrating on litter picking in their own time. Volunteers can contact each other if they wish to arrange to work (distanced) together. [email protected]
(All back to normal from Mon 27th July 9 am Gardening at Jubilee Gardens
Wed 29th July 6pm at Jubilee Gardens for litter picking)

Monday 13th July- 09:30 – Trickett’s Memorial Ground for more weeding, tidying and planting.
Volunteers are out and about again all this week maintaining planters, picking up litter and clearing weeds from the paved areas of town. Contact [email protected] for information.

Peaceful Plot @ Rawtenstall Cemetery
Tuesday 14th July – Meet 10am at the cemetery gates. The perfect opportunity for non-gardeners and gardeners alike who want to get involved with our environmental improvement project. There are some great pictures on QT this week as the invasive Himalayan Balsam is uprooted and native plant species return. Every plant spreads around 800 seeds so it’s very, very satisfying to remove! Contact Moira: [email protected] for more details.

Monday 13th July – 10am until noon – Riverside Walk Garden. Final session clearing the cracks in the pavement, and getting the area clean and ready for cementing.
Tuesday 14th July – 10am until noon – Central Reservation Garden, St Mary’s Way. Weeding and pruning. Planting up bedding plants.
Wednesday 15th July – 10am until noon – Town Centre Garden. Carrying on with the weeding and pruning along the edge of Kay Street and Bank Street.
Thursday 16th July – 10 am until noon – Gyratory Train Garden. Building pallet compost bins for this area, and plenty of weeding and tidying.
Sunday 19th July – 10am until noon – Out-Bound Layby. A682 bypass. Weeding and pruning.

Lone Ranger litter pickers are busy every day in Rawtenstall. [email protected] knows everything about the rubbish on our streets,so get in touch for equipment or advice.

Enough there to keep us busy for the next seven days.

Thank you for your time and support.

Helen Thomas, Vice Chair CPR

That Civic Pride Rossendale (CPR) is an amazing organisation few would disagree, but why? Where did it come from? What makes it tick? We’ll try to answer these questions and more, revealing things you may not have known about CPR.

For many years our erstwhile Chair, Chris used his trusty Ford Focus to move everything that was needed for the group sessions turning it from a four seater saloon into something rather more workmanlike!

Three years ago we were invited to talk to both the RBC senior managers and Rossendale business leaders where we outlined how we worked, the community benefits that were derived and that we were currently raising funds for a works van. Immediately, local businessman Bob Killelea offered us a van with all maintenance and MOTs included, all we had to do was insure it and put the diesel in!

Having collected it, we proudly drove it to our new stores (that’s another story) and found that it not only fitted in, there was a good two inches to spare! It’s since proved itself to be invaluable, particularly for watering the baskets across the town which is yet another story. (I really do need to save some stories for later editions!)

Thank you all for everything you do.

Roger G